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Witch one do you like? Cowgirl or Princess?
March 26, 2014
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My funny pictures!!!!!!
March 26, 2014
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name: Dusie Gorgon
Age: 158,698
race:  Gorgon
powers: Turns people to stone,  flying, sharp claws
likes: People
Dislikes: Fire

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 16,000
Race: Vampire
Powers: Super agility, Super speed, Turns into a bat
Likes: Darkness, vegetables (Vegetarian), 
Dislikes: Light, meat ,blood etc.

Name: Catey
age: 14,520
Race: Cerberus
Powers: Can make storms,controls weather,blends in with surrounding it can transform into human
Likes: Fire, Death ,snakes
Dislikes: Water, Living things,squirrels,Cats
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