Dream City Idols is my favorite game. I'm Mia Bunny from S7&8. Please let this shut down be an April Fools joke, and not permanent. I know so many people who are heartbroken. This game has come to be not only a fun game, but a dear community for us. Don't erase it, please!

Good game i like it alot


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So i love blades and rings, I'm an avid game player, though i have became disabled, and in process of getting disability. So income is low,o I'm looking for some more games like b and r, that i could play, I'm at lvl361 and can't get no further cause of money.. so if anyone got antibiotics suggestions let me know. Also like to meet some gamers..

Hi guys! :) could someone who's member of a lvl 7 (or higher) club please check for me, whether the Totolo clothes you can buy at club store is Cos or Fluffy theme? ;o
Thank you in advance! X

What is the Timezone for dream city idols?

Hey, weird question but can anyone tell me what the timezone for Dream City Idols is? I can't seem to find it..Does anyone here know what it is?

I recently joined Dream City Idols and I'm addicted!
My IGN is Sugar. I play in the server S8 Angel of Grace.
Anyone else plays in S8? :)

Wait how do you get a mentor?,.,

Is anyone having issues login on to S4 Super Idol? I did the repair 4 times and it will not connect
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