What is the Timezone for dream city idols?

Hey, weird question but can anyone tell me what the timezone for Dream City Idols is? I can't seem to find it..Does anyone here know what it is?

I recently joined Dream City Idols and I'm addicted!
My IGN is Sugar. I play in the server S8 Angel of Grace.
Anyone else plays in S8? :)

Wait how do you get a mentor?,.,

Is anyone having issues login on to S4 Super Idol? I did the repair 4 times and it will not connect

Unable to connect to server 4 on Dream city idol. Seems like a lot of players having the same trouble. Have messaged emailed commented still no response from anyone. What is going on???

I can't find the game in the play store :(

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Dear all stars~
Dream City Idols is now officially online. Search for it on your app store now~

Excusme, admin Dream City Idols Open Beta 9 March what Time,Reset all chara ?

I must have missed the 2nd test lol. But my question has to do with Blades and Rings. Were there still going to be beta rewards? I will be playing both, tho bnr will be more per day.

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