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" A person who never failed, never tried anything new"
When I read this quote said by Albert Einstein, I remember those days of experimenting and trying new techniques of improving my drawing skills. I love art, I really love drawing. Well in fact, there were times that i don't took a bath or eat just to draw. I don't intended not to do these things, but I just forgot it and I'm happy with that. It gives me a lot of pleasure like it's the only thing in this universe I want to do. And because of that I think " obsession" , it also gave me disappointment when my parents decided to sent me in CLSU ( my former school ) to study a course not related to art. They told me that art is nothing, there's no future in art and etc. But you know what, it challenged me. Because of the things they said, I am now more inspired to prove and to show to the people that not just in Art, but you also have future in everything as long as you have the passion and love on what you are doing. And at the end of the day, life is not measured from your failures, it is measured on the things you have learned that makes you a better person.

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