New beta for Budget Splitter released. It implements new features I came up with from RIT Debit Splitter. The features should all be working but they have not been tested yet.

Changed Toasts to Snackbars
Added help and about sections
Various bug fixes

New beta for RIT Debit Splitter released. At this point I think most of the bugs have been fixed. There may still be some fixes coming but I am beginning to prepare the app for release. These changes are steps in that direction.

Added the beginnings of help and about sections
Removed some old unneeded stuff

Future changes (as of now):
Finish help and about sections
Try to fix the refresh issue with Tigerbucks

New beta for RIT Debit Splitter. Should be ready in a couple hours or less

Added link to eServices
Fixed crash from huge numbers of days off
For now, term spinner will only change the total days off if:
-none were entered
-the number entered matches a different term
**any number will not be overwritten on boot

New beta for RIT Debit Splitter released.

Spinners save and restore correctly
Small redesign
Finalized icon
Switched from Toasts to Snackbars, resulting in less message spam and a better look

Internet permission added in an attempt to open Tigerbucks in-app - currently broken and disabled

Planned future changes:
Save values from dropdown menus
Reduce number of toast messages

Maybe after release:
Change toasts to snackbars
Figure out past days off automatically

If you have any other suggestions, leave them here.

New beta released. I will start another thread for future features and suggestions.

Rollover is now saved
Added terms with automatic dates and days off

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Heres the link to beta test the RIT version (RIT Debit Splitter):

Main changes:
Link to Tigerbucks
Meal plans + rollover
Term built in

Known bugs:
Rollover is not being saved yet
No default value for days off

I was going to leave it until tomorrow but I went ahead and fixed the save toggle. The app should be ready for release now. Check to make sure the save toggle works like it should.

Save toggle now works

New beta uploaded. Its almost ready but there's a bug. Check the changelog.

Everything should look right now
I've found the save toggle in the settings is not working yet

New beta released. Its not done yet but it should be fully functional at this point. It still needs some design work in the settings.

Values are saved between sessions
Date picker opens on the selected date
Added a toggle for saving values in the settings
Note - the settings work but don't look right (even the button to access them is invisible)
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