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Hello sweetheart

I hope you will be happy in the protection of God

My name is Muhammad and I am from Iran, from Khuzestan province and Omidieh city

To love you family and know that you are really human, I wrote this letter

I do not know how well I write, if I'm wrong, forgive me

I hope God will reduce my life and give you a gift. You are good enough

My life is so bad here

I could not complete the soldier due to an accident

My eye was torn and still in my eyes there is a prosthetic lumen that I can not get

However, I wanted to continue the soldier

But my mother has breast and lung cancer, and my father has severe diabetes and osteoporosis

And he cut off his fingers because it was happening

My father is 70 years old and my mother is 61 years old

And can not be left alone

I was born on July 27, 1977 and I am 40 years old

But although I was forty years old, I could not have a job or marry because of Iran's law

And how old do I work and make money so I can get married?

Now they have created a law that sells soldiers, but ten million tomans require advance payment, and the rest is installment.

But I do not work because they do not have a card, and I'm still unemployed. How should I give ten million toman and where to get it?

I have to give twenty million tomans in total, half of which is cash and the rest is installments

Meanwhile, for five years I have become a Christian, but since I'm a crime in Iran and I have not said anything to anyone and I'm afraid to say it.

May Allah give you all your pain and shield, you are an angel who lives among humans, help me

Lend me a loan. I give you the installments, there is no money for you, the Iranian currency is worthless

Because they do not even give me a loan, I do not even seem to exist just because of the lack of military service

Yesterday, Psalm 86, I was reading David's Nabi When I slept, I dreamed that someone says that the holy Mary is coming to her son

I do not know if you believe it or not, but to my father, John Patro, I was sick and I was shown to myself by God in your face.

I told my family, and since you've done a lot of good things, I suddenly thought of it to tell you my problem.

Hope you help me do not hide from the eyes of God, this is my last chance, and though I'm not so depressed that I can not continue to live with this form.

How long should I get married and how can I continue to work with any kind of motivation and job? By God, I swear by God.

I beg you if I can help, I do not want to commit a sin and die I would love to live If I can not say in my answer, do not expect

I liked to say in my first letter the intensity of the family's interest to you, but what I do not have the opportunity to do.

If you could lend me to send you my bank card number, I believe that there is a good reason why God will guide you.

I will lay hands on God's hands

I love you and kiss my hands

On behalf of Mohammad Moradpour, a boy from Iran who was alone in his life and is your only hope

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غذا خوردن متولدين ماه ها:
واقعا درسته 😂😂😂

فروردین: الکی ادای اونایی که رژیم دارن و درمیاره 😶 ولی عاشق خوردنه😋

اردیبهشت: زیاد اهل خوردن نیس 😖 باید نازشو بکشی تا بخوره😐

خرداد: همیشه گرسنس 😓 غذاش دیر بشه آسمون و ب زمین میدوزه😠

تیر: بیشتر اهل غذا خوردنه تا هله هوله و میوه 😅 از اوناس ک همه را نصیحت میکنه غذای سالم بخورن 😂

مرداد: 😁این هارااز تو رستوران و کافی شاپ باید جمعشون کرد😉

شهریور :مث جارو برقیه😤 هرچی دم دستش باشه بالا میکشه😜

مهر :😔 هروقت میخواد چیزی بخوره ی مشکلی واسش پیش میاد که کوفتش میشه 😭

آبان : از اوناس که حمله میکنه به خوردنیا ، بعد الکی میگه از دیشب چیزی نخوردم 😆😅

آذر : باید با کتک از سر میز جمعشون کرد 😒 لامصبا سیرمونی ندارن😋😋😋

دی :😏 انقدر حواسش پرته که یادش میره چیز بخوره 😔

بهمن : 😝هله و هوله خوره درجه 1...حاضره شام نخوره ولی چیپس و پفکش فراموش نشه 😠

اسفند : اینا ازاون تک خوران ... یواشکی میخورن صداشم در نمیارن 😜

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مواظب حرکاتتان باشید.زمین به شکل خارق العاده ای گرد است

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من تو بازی Quiz Of Kings به اسم هستم. با کد دعوت cave302 بیا توی بازی تا هر دوتامون جایزه های خفن بگیریم دانلود کن با هم مسابقه بدیم

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من متولد مرداد.عنصر وجودم آتش.ستاره ام خورشید. سیاره ام زهره.فلز وجودم طلا.سمبل تولدم شیر.سنگ مورد علاقه کوارتز و رنگ مورد علاقه زرد طلایی.و خون سلطنت در رگهایم موج میزند و همه جا بهترین مدیر و مدبر ترین فرد هستم.
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