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Server Name: SaKeL World
Port: 30000
Flags: damage, pvp, password mandatory, players can't see far away names
Subgame: minetest

Mumble Server
Port: 64738

Beautiful map setup for building big structures, protect your buildings and raid or make PvP wars. Lots of nice buildings around and still growing. Many shops for almost everything around the spawn including travelnets to Heaven, Caverealms or floating bottles where you can build houses or mine. Public farm is also near spawn. You can build where you want what you want (spawn area is always protected) and use protection to defend your structures.

For PvP you can build huge castles (or whatever you want) and make clans/wars/raids. Many armors (mithril) and weapons (bows - also teleport arrows).

- deep dungeon caves
- sky high nyan cat heaven
- under sea plants and crashed ships / submarines
- dessert pyramids
- teleport (tpr) privilege
- farming plus
- colored glass
- bows (throwing enhanced)
- messecons and digilines
- protections (protect your house)
- lots of mobs (including cat, bunny)
- hostile mobs disabled though
- lava bucket and TNT are disabled too so you are able to build nice structures (and protect them)
- and many more !

Want to see more ? Follow my Collection for more Minetest creations found on the server or join the Community for the latest Server updates and news.

- home, sethome
- chat, private msg..
- tpr, tphr..

- hacking will be punished!
- no 1 block pillars if not necessary!

- spawn is in the middle of the map (0, 10, 0)
- you will spawn on a huge compass circle, so you can see which way you will go
- type /spawn to get back to spawn at anytime
- beds are working, if you slept in bed and died, you will spawn in the bed also you can skip the night if everybody sleeps at the same time
- main pay currency is gold lump

Please let me know if something is not working or you miss something and i will try to add it or fix it.

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Survival X map

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Survival X area

Hi Sakel

Is there a way to contact you, like irc or so. I have a in-game problem, need your help mate ;)


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#minetest  Survival X map

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#minetest spawners

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New minetest 0.4.14 released!
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