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The raw emotional honesty in Conor Oberst's lyrics influence my music a lot. Especially the lyrics to this last song I wrote. 

"Oh and every time that you're 
Talking to me, 
You know, I cannot help 
Staring carefully 
At the words falling out 
From your accident mouth - 
They're a strange type of poetry 
I've never felt.. 
But my god, this must be what it feels like 
To know yourself."

What are some of your favourite Bright Eyes lyrics? 

One of mine is
 "But me, I'm a single cell on a serpent's tongue." 
(Poison Oak)

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This is a straight through of work
I think you guys would like it.

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Bright eyes and elliott smith made my music what it is today.

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So, I made this community because Bright Eyes has had a monumental influence in my life, and I simply could not sit back and wait for someone else to make a community focused on their music. However, I'm not a tech guru, and I've never created a community before. So if you have any advice on how to increase member count and activity, improve the design/appearance of the community, make the community more informative/enjoyable, or how to just make the community generally better--please. Do message me. I will take any and all suggestions. And of course, sharing this community with your circles would obviously be greatly appreciated.

--Thanks again!

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"This is the first day of my life."
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