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There's a hidden T.Rex game on your google chrome. Have you ever played it before? If not, it is reasonable and predictable because you can play this hidden game only when the internet cuts out in the latest version of google's browser. You don't need to add any broswer extension in order to play this interesting game. The dinosaur shows up when chrome can’t connect to the Internet.

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+Brian Hinch from +Tellart has done some amazing work on getting a home built Web Lab SketchBot built with a +LEGO Mindstorm.

Checkout the tutorial and if you are intrepid check out the driver code that turns you image from a series of points into the final SketchBot sand drawing.

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Build your own Chrome Web Lab Sketchbot with a Lego MindStorm

The guys at +Tellart have done an amazing job putting this together.  It is an amazing project to play with, showing how simple it can be to build beautiful interactions using software (javascript) and easy to use hardware.

Follow the tutorial:

All the videos here:

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Michael Sandford (Can't find on g+) has been doing some awesome work making the SketchBot experiment work on mobile.  Can't wait for this to land.

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This is rather awesome :)  Great to see the guys at BergCloud installing and running the project.

If you want to set it up yourself, you can here

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The Chrome Web Lab should work on a Raspberry Pi.  There was an issue with Node JS a while ago, we just need to test it and make an easy way for people to use it.
Help and Guidance needed to get Chrome Web Lab running on Raspberry Pi
Hi all, I run the Open Source Chrome Web Lab project.  The project consists of two real-world Chrome Experiments interacted with over the web.

Specifically I am looking for help on the best ways to distribute and run the two experiments on a Raspberry Pi. (SketchBot)  (Orchestra)

The questions I have are:
1) Does it work (I think it does) and what are the dependencies needed.
2) What is the best way to distribute the project?  What are the ways people expect software on the Pi to be loaded, do you prefer debs, or would a Bin file for an SDCard with everything set up be best?

Thanks in advance.
Paul from Google.

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Learn how to build the Orchestra - Whirlophone Precise instructions on what you need to do to build your own instrument.

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First external contribution to Chrome WebLab
Awesome work by +Jake Champion who changed every JS file in the project :) It adds the ability to enforce consistency in our JS files and will leads to a better healthier project in the long term.

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+The Next Web covered Chrome Web Lab, its closing and opening again as an open source project.

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Interacting with the experiments on WebLab with a Mobile Device is no the smoothest thing ever.  In fact it is the second oldest bug in the web lab issue tracker.

This is a great project for anyone looking to get started in Mobile Web Development.  If you are interested, get in touch and I can help guide you.
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