+ÄñShù Kùmár I will try to rectify the code provided by you ASAP..
thanks for your contribution
Keep posted i  will add new tasks soon

Task 1-for computer science students
make a program in such a way that it takes multiple values from a user and save the values in a file..
and to read that file and display  it seperably
For e.g-
the values are-
1)37 tushar 199
2)78 xyz  277
so when we read from the file,it should display it like this-
37    tushar     199
78    xyz           277
Best of luck!

+ÄñShù Kùmár where is the coding to read it and separate the details..
the program provided by you is not up to marks
You are requested to rectify and correct the flaws ASAP 

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Costs a lot
but smells better

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For those finding trouble in chemistry projects,do have a look!

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