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Kii Keyboard 2 is now available for download!

It's currently in public alpha, not yet publicly released, but please feel free to share the download link anywhere, the more users use it, the better it will get.

Official bitly:

Bug reports:

Now that Google+ is shutting down, is there a new home for this community? I'm still using this keyboard. Nothing comes close.

Is there an official solution to download the app with the plug-ins? PlayStore no loger holds it.

Nao to consseguindo baixar o dicionario no play story

I still have my original Kii in my phone. Just got a tablet and want it in here too.
Can't stand using another. Anyone have the apk for the Kii and the emoji as well (not the 2 one)? Thanks in advance.

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**Edit : Here r the links... for Kii 1, iOS emoji plugin for Kii 1 (which created the whole mess to the developer +Kii Dev ) , & kii 2.

Kii 2 Alpha : (from +Kawiesh Debisarun)

Kii 1:

iOS plugin for Kii 1 (this plugin shows the emojis ALREADY AVAILABLE in ur device in iOS style WITHIN IT'S emoji panel) :

note for newcomers: To go to emoji panel (which u can go even w/o this plugin installed) hold the 123key to find a popup, then hold and drag to the bottom right corner of the popup to go to the emoji key.

The Problem :-

On clicking this link ( ) we are greeted with a message shown in the attached screenshot.

It gets frustrating sometimes using Kii. The latest Google+ update is causing issues with Kii. Autocorrect is not working when trying to type comments to a Google+ post. Creating a new post is fine. The issue seems to be limited to comments.

Would someone post a link to original Kii? Kii2 turned into a pumpkin, or something.
I have obviously previously paid for the original, but I can't find the premium link.... and I've got a new phone. Of course!

more than a year ago since the last sign of life from this dev... and that was not even for kii but another app... I'm giving up hope and giving in... the old premium kii was replaced by kii 2 but now I have a new phone and will not go back to kii... too bad (for the money) but it's going down between Gboard and Swiftkey... bye..

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