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Kii Keyboard 2 is now available for download!

It's currently in public alpha, not yet publicly released, but please feel free to share the download link anywhere, the more users use it, the better it will get.

Official bitly:

Bug reports:

Quick status update about kii keyboard 2, it's still being worked on , I have been busy with other works recently so updates were slow. More updates coming soon. 

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Would it be possible to make the padding respect the background color of the kb?

hi guys. whats up?
anyway.. i tried swiftkey. coz of the tons of good themes and ofcourse some customizations. but i still like kii more. anybody know a good dark material theme for kii or even how to make it? 

Are you thinking about bringing the keyboard app back in an other App Store like Amazon App Store etc? So you can go on with it.

Backspace is buggy in Opera on the forms of the webpages. Instead of removing a character, it adds the last 2 or 3 character to the text.

I didn't try in other browsers. It's a keyboard error, if I switch to a different keyboard app, the issue is going away. Could you fix it? Thank you!

Android L theme anytime soon?

If we use the premium quality, it pays? 

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Version 1.2.20
  * Bug fixes
  * UI updates: use holo UI on compatible devices
  * New KitKat built-in theme  


Am I the only one experiencing that the keyboard goes up and down when I turn from emoji to the normal keyboard? 😔 it hurts my eyes when it does so. I can't screenshot it because it goes too fast. I hope someone may help me~
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