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Job 20:10 Commentaries
The miserable condition of the wicked man in this world is fully set forth. The lusts of the flesh are here called the sins of his youth. His hiding it and keeping it under his tongue, denotes concealment of his beloved lust, and delight therein. But He who knows what is in the heart, knows what is under the tongue, and will discover it. The love of the world, and of the wealth of it, also is wickedness, and man sets his heart upon these. Also violence and injustice, these sins bring God's judgments upon nations and families. Observe the punishment of the wicked man for these things. Sin is turned into gall, than which nothing is more bitter; it will prove to him poison; so will all unlawful gains be. In his fulness he shall be in straits, through the anxieties of his own mind. To be led by the sanctifying grace of God to restore what was unjustly gotten, as Zaccheus was, is a great mercy. But to be forced to restore by the horrors of a despairing conscience, as Judas was, has no benefit and comfort attending it.
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Isaiah 42:6
"I am the LORD, I have called you in righteousness, I will also hold you by the hand and watch over you, And I will appoint you as a covenant to the people, As a light to the nations, — with Jesus Servants and My children mean everything to me!.

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Help and feeding every year widow orphan children and poor families at the Christmas Festival now truly we need above then 500 Christmas Gift Box for school for our Church and for our poor families in Village Church

BSCM. was established and serve since February. 23. 2011 Registered with the District Registrar of Punjab , is also registered.. BSCM if providing legal assistance to the needy people since 2011 to 2016 Now we focusing on poverty reduction and unemployment. Founder & Chairman (BSCM) is the architecture of this innovative program. which was started in 2011. BSCM is a non-political ,non-governmental and non-profitable organization, Which helps the poor and needy christian people of the Christian society without any discrimination of cost, creed, sex and color. Fighting against Unemployment and Poverty BSCM has started fighting against Unemployment and Poverty, because unemployment is the root of poverty and all crimes. unemployment person get frustrated with their life and after that he/she will choose the short cut for earning money. not only earn money they also commit focused project to unemployment and poverty
300 of Children in our School and Church accept donated items. list of items needed to programs. To donate your items, Bible Seed Church Ministry List of items that could be donated School Supplies: · School bags, children‟s reading books, pens, pencils, crayons, rulers, erasers, glue, writing paper, coloring paper, exercise books, children‟s, story books, computer books, children‟s school chairs, flash-cards, ABC distributing (Arts & Crafts), etc. Clothing:winter weather clothing of all kinds and sizes for children ranging from baby -17 years: school uniforms, shoes, dresses, shalwar shirtsfor girls, for boys shirts shorts, pants, leather shoes, sports shoes, socks 100 babies Children and students need your much care and attention directly. phone:+92-3344148681 . If you really believe in God then Pakistani Christians children are really deserving. Our Ministry want to teach them for there better future. God bless you and your all Team Members Address: Bible seed Church Ministry Balal Colony street No 1 Al-noor Town Walton Road Cantt Lahore Pakistan

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Respected Sir/Madam

My name is Christina David we are 4 Sisters i am the eldest and I am working as a sale girl about last 6 year Everyone in the office is well aware of my good conduct and positive behavior. In my career with this company I have never given anybody a chance for complain. I am a very hardworking and friendly worker and my past record shows we are Christian Orphans facing so many problem.

I want to inform you humbly that my sister is getting married next month on 15th December, 2016. We are not financially well that we can handle all the marriage responsibilities fully. So I request you to make arrangements for my sister’s wedding. These arrangements will include food and banquet hall expenses. You are a generous person and I know that you will be helping me in this crucial time. I have made many arrangements but I am still out of budget and I request you to help me out. I will be really grateful to you for this kindness and I assure you that I will return the money as soon as possible in installments form. You can keep a record of it and make it more authorize if you have any problems.

I will be waiting for your prompt reply as I need assistance immediately.

Thank you,

Yours Faithfully,
Christina David
Lahore Pakistan

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Donate Needed Items for Poor Children in our School Ministry.

Many of Children in our School accept donated items. list of items needed to programs. To donate your items,Scholl Tables and Chairs, Books and Bags,cloths and shoes and and gift items for play school Babies you can contact Bible Seed Church Ministry directly. phone:+92-3344148681 . If you really believe in God then Pakistani Christians children are really deserving. Our Ministry want to teach them for there better future. God bless you and your all Team Members

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So much of what we do for God is with mixed motives for our own personal fulfillment. We all want to have a purpose and reason for living. We all hope that if we were to die tomorrow, we would leave a legacy of some kind behind us. Yet for most of us, this becomes the end to which we live. Sadly, when we make anything other than God our reason for living, that thing will become an idol in our lives. Even if it is a good thing, like a ministry or a mate, it can still never fulfill us because it wasn’t designed to. It simply can’t! It doesn’t even have the ability to fulfill. In fact, those idols will begin to work against us, and cause us suffer spiritual barrenness. They will put us on a treadmill until we become broken-hearted and exhausted trying to keep it all alive. On the other hand, if we receive them simply as the gifts they are and continue to love God first in our lives, we will be given the ability to enjoy them, for this too is a gift. Ecclesiastes. 3:13 says, “That everyone may…find satisfaction in all his toil–this is the gift of God.” The key is simply to “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these other things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33).

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God of reconciliation and grace,
you promise us a world where all is new,
where love is born when hope is gone,
where broken relationships are restored to wholeness.
May we live as people who know your story of love,
and we have the vision to imagine what could be possible
if we dared to live this story.
God of abundant life,
may we be witnessess of love, hope and peace,
and co-creators of your life in the world.

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