FYI Steam has the complete Serious Sam pack for $10 through the 17th.

I fully endorse and recommend Rocket League.

I still have three copies of Insurgency to give away for anyone who has not yet purchased it.

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So I bought these headphones over Christmas when my Sennheisers (good call as usual, Ronin) gave up the ghost (note to self: dropping/tossing headphones in frustration is unwise).  They have my general recommendation, if you're OK with warm ears after prolonged use.  Sound quality is good.  Haven't yet gotten to test the mic.

Anyone up for some BF4?  Jumping on momentarily.

So Battlefield 4.  I have not had the crash issues it seems that others have been facing, my experience has been surprisingly smooth (which is amazing considering my beta experience).  The campaign has been enjoyable, and as usual, the online play much more so.  I can highly recommend the game, as I did for Battlefield 3.

I'm planning on being a crazy person and going shopping on Black Friday.  Gamestop has BF4 for $30.  If you want the game for that price, but don't want to roll out of bed at 11 PM to get there for the Midnight opening, Send me an e-mail and we'll coordinate pre-payment and I'll pick it up for you.

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A big thanks to everyone who came, I'd say a good time was had!

As we all get older and saddled with more responsibilities that severely limit our gaming time, I'm going to be doing two things...providing more date options for a given party, and reinstating a weekly game night.  On this latter point, I will make a separate post.

The next party will be in January, after the burdens of the holidays are behind us.  The date options are as follows:


I will also send an e-mail out about this, but start consulting your social calendars right now (which for most means your spouse/SO).  This is how it will work.  Tell me what date(s) WON'T work for you.  This far out, you probably won't know, so I'll pick a date.  Probably the 18th.  In a month, I'll pose the question again (via e-mail as well).  Then again a month out from the proposed date.

So let me have it, what Saturday(s) in January do NOT work for you?

Two quick reminders...LAN party is in a little less than 2 weeks (October 12th).

Secondly, Battlefield 4 Beta went live today, and if you have BF3 premium, you have access to it (Open up Origin).  And the complaint of the day is horrific framerate.  It's like I'm trying to play this with integrated Intel graphics.  Even on low, I haven't seen better than 17 FPS.  That includes when in the menu screen.  There are a variety of things to try (check, as I am definitely not alone.  Video horsepower doesn't matter, there are folks with cards worse than mine that are playing just fine.  And it seems to be a problem across nVidia and AMD.

At any rate, I'm going to try to get mine sorted out tonight, so if you decide to play, let me know.

Scheduled Game Night
So for a period of time, we had BF3 Mondays.  TF2uesday.  An event was missed, and then the event was forgotten.

I'd like to get this going again, but with a twist.  We'll pick a single day of the week.  Like Monday.  Every Monday, we'll play something, and that thing will depend on the Monday of the month.  Like...1st: Valve game (L4D2, TF2), 2nd: Wildcard game, 3rd: BF3/4, 4th: RTS/RPG (SC2, PoE, Torchlight 2, etc.).

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