Team instinct member here for a couple of days. Looking to help level up and support. Recommendations welcome!

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Team valor running lower sahali and west end

Hey guys trying to get a rally of how many active Valour Members.


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My glorious Team so far! #Mystic

Anyone know where to catch a charmander or water types?

Hey there is also a gym like a block away from south sahali elementary at the church are there any gyms downtown???

Any pokestops in barnhartvale? Because my friend lives at the top and there isnt any

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Just joined Team Blue although not knowing anything about Pokemon other than neighbors kids watching the cartoon when I had to dress my character his clothes are red/black.

My wife and I played Ingress for a few years before Pokemon Go came out and since it uses the same locations for buildings it's been helpful knowing where the locations are on here, just need to find out what type of building each location is :)

As for Ingress we are both also blue aka Resistance. Stormblaze & Danadoolittle. I feel a bit odd playing Pokemon Go at 38 lol tho wife finds it cute.

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Anyone know where a pokemon gym is in kamloops?
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