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You wake up one day and find that you aren't what you used to be. Your... Normal. Now that sounds fucking stupid I'm sorry.
Your a normal human being, you used be either a furry, wizard, magics user, neko, anything but now your not like that..


1. Respect mods and owners.

2. Mods/owners don't use your power to change anything unless I allow you to, and do not be rude to members or you will become a member.

3. Your template must be approved before roleplaying.

4. Only owners approve templates.

5. Nothing inappropriate

More on the way~
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Well this community is alive and thriving

(This was copied and pasted from my other profile. I did change a few things


"Sometimes you just need alittle push to do great things."

"Let go of the past"


Name: Alexandra Alex Rodriguez
Nickname(s): Alex, Ally, Sandy, Sanny
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Nationality: Scottish
Culture: Scottish
Race: Puerto Rican
Accent: Scottish
Sexuality: Hetrosexual


Personality: She's fun, sometimes quiet sometimes loud, most people like her, Serious when needed, she doesn't take crap from no one, strong, tough, very resilient, scary at times, closed off yet jolly.

Summon a mini hurricane, minipulate water, healed and strengthened by water

Godly Parent: Posidon

Camp Jupiter or Camp Half-Blood: CHB

Fatal Flaw
Loyalty to people she cares about.

Climbing, drawing, Racing, Spending time with friends, Capture the flag, Horses, Singing, guitars, making music.

Being left behind or left out, not being able to do anything, feeling useless, CUCUMBERS, worrying friends, feeling left out.

Strengths: fighting, Water, ADHD

Weaknesses: She had an injury from awhile ago, and every now and again her knee will become painful. Making it difficult to walk, but she doesn't let the pain stop her, she runs anyway. When she says she's fine when she's having a melt down- GET THAT CUCUMBER AWAY FROM ME YOU SASIG!

Secret(s): most of her past, how her mother divorced and died, abusive stepfather, her younger brother.


Color Blue / Blue / Blue
Sport Waterpolo / swimming / football

.¤Friends, Family and Enemies¤.
Mother: Maria Rodriguez
Father: -
Sister: -
Brother: Deceased

Relationship Status: single

Friends: open
Close friends: open
BFF: open

Enemies: open
Arch enemies: open
Nemesis: open

Crush: "I don't have one and if I did I wouldn't tell you.."
Alex was born in San Juan, Puerto rico before moving a year later to scotland where her mother got a job and married a marine. Her mother quickly divorced the abusive man when she was 6. Later that year she gave birth to another demigod who became Alex's little brother. At the age of 10 her mother died of cancer. Leaving Alex and her brother alone. They moved from carer to carer. Alex loved her little brother. When she was 12, they ran away from an emotionally abusive foster carer in New York. Her little brother was killed by a gang. A week later she found her long lost aunt who took her in.


Weapon(s): A Celestial bronze double bladed spear desguised as a smallish medal, and mostly anything she can use.

Comes from: San Juan, but lived most of her life in Dundee

Dark brown wavey hair. Sea green eyes. Tan skin with a band of freckles over her nose and cheeks. Likes to have her hair up in a messy bun

Anyone wanna rp??

Okay I don't know how but my template for the person I was role playing as got deleted... So I'm not really sure what to do here... I can leave, if you people want...

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Name: Maddy

Age: 15-16

Gender: female

Species: Fawn.

Likes: friends,family,video games,art and music.

Dislikes: bullies.

Sexuality: straight.

Weapons: Light Galaxy Sword aka it's actually her friend Galaxa the hedgehog in her weapon form.

Personality: friendly,loyal,funny,mysterious.

Pets: none

Crush: none.

Family: Galaxa the hedgehog.

Bio: Maddy is a young fawn who loves adventure she sometimes get into trouble easily but not all the time.
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Name: Aubrey
Age: 14
Weapon: Sword
Personality: Find out
Appearance(Must have picture): Picture
Pets: Fox kit
Family: Aida (Older sister)
Crush: IDKKK
Friends: People
Bio(Also what you had that is gone now): Powers and being half fox

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Name: Edelyn Weiss
Age: 14
Weapon: Sword
Personality: find out in RP
Appearance(Must have picture):
Pets: none
Family: none
Crush: none yet (open)
Friends: none yet
Bio(Also what you had that is gone now): she can turn into somekind of lady plant form and she also can hear the trees talking to her and also she was a elf. She lived in a orphanage as a weak girl although she's an elf, being slave to human then one day she got kidnapped and she's given this power by a woman she doesnt know. And now her power is gone and she still doesnt know who's the woman that sacrifuced herself for her and gave her powers.

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Aubrey was walking around the park, she looked mad about something. Ugh, I'm not half fox anymore and my powers are gone! UGH!
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