I was contacted by this individual through a social site I was trying to sell something on. "Robert Maxiwell" claimed to be a US SOLDIER in Turkey. He said he could only pay me bill pay personal check and when it cleared, he'd have a "handler" come pick up the item.

He quickly went from messaging through the site, to wanting me to email him, then started texting me directly. When I tried to call, no answer but he txt me bs about his phone blah blah blah. His English was very broken in the txt messages, he wanted my name and address to mail the check to. When I asked for his in return he refused.

I told him deal is off, he tried to convince me he's an honest man. After a reverse phone lookup, the call seemed to come from Kingston, Tennessee (but probably didn't) I've blocked this punk after he started in on me again at 5am this morning.

TBI and FBI have been notified. Let's bust this impersonator! Call came from 865-248-0870.
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