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Hi and welcome
U must be respectful to owners and mods
U must speak their language or get a translator
U must put up a profile (u can't just put thx for inviting me anymore)
I now have to approve ur profile before u can RP

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ok guys, srry to tell ya but I'm deleting all mods, reason being is cuz we're under attack, and I'll be declining all requests in till this blows over, srry guys
Another raid added to the list men, we should start pursuing this dumb fetish group full of furries and creeps

Apparently the owner claims that this group is 'raid free however I beg to bloody differ, let's charge and destroy this wreckage of a community

And I'll repromote all mods once the attack ends

I'll be making a backup community just in case these freaks win, but I doubt I'll have to use it doe, whoever wants to join pls pp me

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I'm not taking any chances with this!

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The Vorechant: a Terraria vore roleplay

Congrats, there's a new resident in your Town! Here's the thing, though... she moved into a completely empty room, and a big one at that. In fact, she's claimed an entire empty floor of your base as her home! She somehow brought all her own things- her own lights, her own table, her own chairs, her own bed, her own dresser... she brought everything! That also seems to be what she sells: everything! She seems to have just about every crafting station there is available- except for the Dye Vat. You're still only able to get that from the Dye Trader. Your Guide, Trent, went and asked her why, and she told him she doesn't want to make EVERYTHING easy. So, anyway... what are you going to do?

A) Go greet her
B) Go buy something from her
C) Politely try to get her to leave
D) Force her to leave
E) Force her to move to a smaller room
H) Help her get settled in
F) Ask her to move to a smaller room
G) Sell her some stuff
H) Ask about self-defence
I) Other

Rules: I always play the predator, the Vorechant.
You can be a male or female character.
It will be assumed that you have a large, very complete base with plenty of extra rooms and all NPC characters.
She/I will know pretty much everything about the world- she used to be an adventurer! And no, she did not take an arrow to the knee.
Please, only respond if you intend on doing the rp.
We will most likely do this via a Google Document.
Other than that, no having sex in the rp, and have fun!

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(Please read the whole profile, before asking to rp)
Name- Regina Smith
Age- 19.
Gender- Female.
Size- 5”3 100 pounds, Bra size D.
Species- Half anthro umbreon, half Lynx.
Orientations- Lesbian, submissive and prey.
Likes- Music, vore, being cared for, dominated, or restrained/held. She also likes nice people that are very controlling in bed.
Dislikes- Being killed, being treated poorly for real, people who aren’t willing to put up with her quirks.
Bio- She is a typical teen, except one thing. She suffers from narcolepsy and cataplexy. Meaning she has sleep attacks and takes anti depressants meds. It’s a sensitive subject for her and she appreciates when people are willing to help and care for her during difficult times. Her ideal partner is a dominant, but caring female, she-male, or futa. :3

Any girls here with a fart fetish?

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Anyone brave enought to be the chew toy for this guy~
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