Tagg's Headcannons #6

When Loki was pregnant with Alex Fierro :
Thor: Loki! My brother, how are you doing?
( it was a family reunion, like had to behave)
Loki: I'm pregnant....
Thor: F•CK! Dad, Loki is pregnant again......... Odin: F•CK!!!!!

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Guys I just wanted to let you know, for those who like to RP. I found a great little community.

Its also great for those who would like to learn how to RP.


Ps I dreadfully hope this is not against the rules because it is Magnus Chase related

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My fav quote from the book

Comment your fav quotes pls

Magnus has many allies for Ragnarok Greek, Roman and Egyptian demigods, army of Olympus, Hunters, Amazons

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Hey I've just noticed how Uncle Rick has made many characteristic traits of Percy and Magnus the same. One may be that both Percy and Magnus like horses, even though they don't have much experience with them until, well, later on in the series.

-Comment anything else you find😄

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One trait that will stay the same with all of Rick's MC's is their undying loyalty to their friends.

So I've decided to do a couple of things:
-Pick more Mods
-Start Roleplaying
-Start sections for the children of each God (Thor, Odin, Frey, Loki, etc.)
-Have more social events
Lemme know down in the comments what you think!
P.S.: Keep sharin this community guys! We're already till 200 members! :D :D!

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For those of you who enjoy rping, please join.
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