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(this message is powerful to save your soul; i wish that you read with all your heart, for i don't want you to fall)
satan hates you! satan wants to destroy you!

My LORD and my GOD JESUS , eternal Salvation, do not reject me, for i bow in Humility before THEE , before THY Face . my sins have overtaken me, i cannot see, they're more than the hairs of my head; O and i know how big my crime is and that THOU ART a Swift Witness and a Just Judge. And don't let my soul be tormented forever. i present before you a free confession and don't let me fall in danger. i invoke THEE for THY Great Mercy upon me. Forgive my guilt and save me from sin. May THOU cover me with THY Holy Blood on that I may shine in THY Kingdom forever. Praised Be THOU , my LORD , my CREATOR . THOU ART Worthy alone.
obama is the antichrist! francis is his false prophet! Mark of the beast: rfid-chip (implantable device), which changes the dna; who will accept this chip, will be doomed
the Word of GOD online:

beautiful song:

Message from the LORD :

heaven (3rd heaven; where the Throne of JESUS is) is real and hell (3rd hell; gehenna; the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone) also.
It's a fight for your soul on this world.
No pleasure in this proud world.

Time is running out ...
The LORD Is coming soon

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Something that this group is for....beheading satan and uplifting Jesus. Here is some Antidemon for you guys...

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Hey I just joined this community. Come check out my community as well, and post some great music and other things.
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