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virtual dogbert

Discussion  - 
The next B2GS meetup for 1/26/2017:
Presentation Overview: As developers we hate magic, unless someone shows us how the magic works. In this presentation I'm going to show you behind the curtain of meta-programming, so that you don't see it as magic, but as just a different way to program(OOP, functional, meta etc). Just like with any other way of programming, there are times where it is appropriate to use meta-programming and times when it is not. After this presentation, my hope ...
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Which version of Grails you are using in Prod ?
60 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Grails 1.x
Grails 2.x
Grails 3.x
I don't Grails!
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Edmond Kemokai

Discussion  - 
Hello Groovy Users/Devs,

I am the developer of Hivemind ( It is a web application platform for building apps using dynamic languages like Groovy.

You can try a live demo @
login: developer/developer

Please play nice, you have full system access :)

It supports a bunch of languages that have been ported to the JVM (Python, Groovy, Ruby, Javascript, Closure..etc). It has a lot of interesting ideas that I think you'll enjoy exploring.

The full product and source code is available for download on our site, including rich documentation.

This platform is different from traditional options out there in two key ways:

1) It is a completely integrated solution that combines an application server (jetty), a Middleware and a browser based IDE. You simply start it and get to work building applications.

2)It is designed for dynamic languages and is based on JSR-223. This means you can use these dynamic languages on the JVM with ease to build standard Java web applications. In fact the back-end of the IDE is built completely in Groovy via JSR-223 scripting, in other words the product is self referencing and uses its own constructs in its own construction.

I want to share with the community and hope to get some helpful feedback. Happy to answer any questions.
Ibrahim HALOUANE's profile photoEdmond Kemokai's profile photo
Thanks again for the feedback Ibrahim!

I am very much familiar with Cloud9 (and IDEs in general). Some (or many) of the missing features in HiveMind are a deliberate design choice I made.

HiveMind is not really designed to compete with traditional IDEs like Cloud9,Eclipse,IntelliJ...etc...The key innovation in HiveMind is the Middle-ware and its integration into the IDE....The aim is to create a business application platform that moves far ahead of merely letting you play tricks with code in a text editor....This is probably not music to the ears of most developers given that the text editor is preeminent in the mind of most developers, but I think that is a result of a lack of imagination in the design of many of the current generation IDEs and frameworks...

HiveMind has some very forward thinking ideas that is not obvious if you just take a glance at it, which is of course a challenge I have to figure out a way to overcome :)

The good thing is that the product is built on itself and you can hack the text editor to do whatever you want. There is no nice API mechanism yet for hacking but the option is there nevertheless.

I am happy to give and anyone else a demo session of the platform. 
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virtual dogbert

Discussion  - 
So the Boston Groovy/Grails/Spring meet-up will have Ken Kousen presenting on September 1st:
Groovy and Java 8: Making Java Better
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using groovy for our application.....stuck in a problem....though the domian object custom validation fails data is saved in the DB.....what could be the reason....any suggestions???
Kakumanu vasavi ramya's profile photoIbrahim HALOUANE's profile photo
Use "@CompileStatic" whenever possible in complex/sensitive data structure or big application would avoid such problems.
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#SmartThings is the open developer platform for the Internet of Things and uses #groovylang.

With SmartThings, developers can create applications that let users connect devices (such as an #arduino), actions, and external services to create automations, integrate new devices into the SmartThings ecosystem, publish applications and device integrations to the SmartThings catalog. How cool is that!
Connect your Arduino project to the SmartThings platform with this Shield and use it as a base for your next DIY home automation project
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Felipe Mamud

Discussion  - 
Gradle talk on TDC Florianópolis (Brazilian software conference)

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Build tools na plataforma Java sempre foram um dilema, começando com Ant, depois Ant com Ivy e por fim Maven. Ambas tools com seus poderes e limitações que partem da premissa de ajudar o desenvolvedor no ciclo de vida da sua aplicação. Conhecendo todas essas limitações foi criado o Gradle com uma poderosa DSL em Groovy que permite ao desenvolvedor maior flexibilidade, agilidade e poder para criar builds que pode apoiar o ciclo completo de desenvo...
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virtual dogbert

Discussion  - 
So I'm bringing back the Boston Groovy, Grails and Spring Meetup on the 25th, with a talk, Intro to Grails 3:
virtual dogbert's profile photo
I'm going to try to live broadcast over google hangouts here(7PM 5/25/2016):
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Hi there... For the ones of us that consider themselves developers and not designers, bootstrap is awesome... I was ask the other day to develop a grails application as a test; so when I finish coding, the app will be sent to usa to see if it respect for instance good coding techniques...
The problema here is that they told me that I couldn't use bootstrap so I don't know what to do coz I am not a designer... Is there any guide on how to use grails style ?...
Emmanuel Rosa's profile photoRichard Vowles's profile photo
Then use Foundation from Zurb.
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Groovy Sql methods is thread safe??
Felipe Mamud's profile photoFernando Franzini's profile photo
Thank...I'll use groovy Sql as singleton bean in spring container and inject datasource inside. I need use only as consulting
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What is your preferred IDE for Groovy/Grails development ?
(if you use something else can you tell us which one?)
85 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Intellij IDEA
Code Editor (which one?)
Emmanuel Rosa's profile photoJohan Erlands's profile photo
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Rajendra Prasad

Discussion  - 
Can any one provide me script to convert fixed length file to CSV
Rajendra Prasad's profile photoGergely Szabó's profile photo
Okay. so this might work:

groovy:000> new File("/tmp/test0.txt").text
===> FOO1234AAA

groovy:000> new File("/tmp/out.csv") << ((new File("/tmp/test0.txt").getText().split("\n").collect{line-> [line[0..2],line[3..6],line[7..8]]}).collect{mbers->mbers.join(',')}).join("\n")
===> /tmp/out.csv
groovy:000> new File("/tmp/out.csv").text
===> FOO,1234,AA

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TL;DR: Be aware that the every() method will return true when used on an empty collection, which is a bit counter-intuitive.
A place for me to share my thoughts, my experiences, and my projects with other people.
Arthur Shagall's profile photoJesper Steen Møller's profile photo
I wasn't surprised, given that Groovy and Ruby's behaviour is consistent with universal ("for-all") quantification, i.e. ∀. See
Other languages agree, e.g. C++ std::for_all and Python's all().
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Dmitry Pavlov

Discussion  - 
Why Should Java Developers Give Grails a Chance?

Java may have stood the test of time, but it can still be a source of great frustration among many web developers. Dealing with its verbosity and infrastructure overhead, for example, can take hours, even for the most basic needs. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Gregor Ambrozic shows us how Grails and its many appealing features can be a viable alternative to traditional Java web applications frameworks.

#Framework #Grails #Groovy #Java
Kevin H.A. Tan's profile photoPeter Kelley's profile photo
The big issue for me with Grails is that there isn't cloud hosting on Google App Engine. Sure there is Gaelyk but it just isn't the same.
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Danny Lagrouw

Discussion  - 
Trivento is looking for a freelance Grails developer (Dutch-speaking, Dutch-based). Please contact me if you're available!
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can anybody tell me, how to configure selenium webdriver with groovy?
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hahaha omg.
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Discussion  - 
What's the syntax to "bold" text or strings?
David Karr's profile photoColin Harrington's profile photo
Ok, so lets step back for a second. Basic email is just plain text meaning that there is no formatting. We've overcome this by using HTML in email. Typically that means that there is a header of Content-Type: text/html;

What library are you using to send the email?

You'll have to figure out how to send an html email with the library that you are using and then generate an HTML string like the link that +David Karr gave you.

Here is an example:
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Discussion  - 
Hi everyone,

On Saturday, April 30, we'll be launching our new online coding contest, called "Smash the Code". It's a programming competition that will last over 8 days.

The aim will be to program an autonomous bot and send it fight into an arena against other players' bots.

25 programming languages are available to code a solution, and it takes less than 10 minutes to come up with a basic AI.

We're pretty much excited about the game (hint: Puyo Puyo). We've tried to make it both fun and beautiful in terms of animations.

Here's the link to register:

Signup is free for everyone and there will be cool prizes to win (HTC Vive Headset, Myo armband, Geekbox).

If you want to practice a little bit and check what the environment looks like, we advise you to start with 2 solo puzzles:
- "Surface":
- "Gravity":

Thanks for checking!

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Luis Trigueiros

Discussion  - 

I am doing a bunch of integration tests using Spock and I would like to group by test by the target environment.
What is the idiomatic Spock why of group test by target by target environment or set of conditions ?
Thank you
Luis Oscar 
David Karr's profile photo
You might want to read the "Extensions" chapter in the Spock documentation. This mentions the "@IgnoreIf" and "@Requires" annotations. The latter comes closest to what you need.
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