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Hello everyone.

I'm considering to use Groovy as the primary language at the company I work. I'm thinking that Groovy is the perfect language for the company but I need to know how big is the community support of the Groovy project. I can't use a language that can be dead in 10 years and I don't know if this is the case of Groovy.

Could you help me with this?
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Groovy is great. But I would never use it as a primary language because it is hard to debug and too type-flexible.

Groovy is great for scripting, quickies, templates, and more. But it falls down when used as a replacement for Java/C#/.Net/etc.

I love Groovy but would use it only as a supplementary tool.
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I am looking to use Allure reports in a Groovy project. Allure uses @Step annotation and AspectJ to create a nice nested steps report. Groovy does not support AspectJ. I believe it is possible to wrap a method call using AST.
1. There is an example on the Groovy site, the problem is it is simply adds the last statement to the method, and it may be never reached.
2. I would like to wrap all public method of all superclasses of a certain class. How can I do it without annotating all methods?
3. Ideally, I would like to log step method`s source code also.
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Hello everyone, someone got to use successfully Grails-Atmosphere-Plugin?
here is my attempt:
grails-atmosphere - Grails adapter for atmosphere
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I have 800+ Unit test cases in my Grails application.I'm using grails.version=2.4.4 my Grails App

Below are the few LOC from Run Configuration of Groovy unit test cases


I'm running this application on Ubuntu Machine.

Sometimes , while running the test cases, It is giving me Out Of Memory error.

I took Sampler & Profiler(VisualVM) Memory Test Analysis, but they could not help much.

Also in each test case groovy class , I'm using @Before & @After annotation to reduce Permanent Generation.

Is there anything I'm missing? I want to reduce Perm Gen & to get rid of Out Of Memory error permanently.

Thanks In Advance !!
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Yeah u r right ( more permgen and more Xmx will def help) but I still want to go with more feasible solutions.
Something like:- Forcefully deleting Perm Gen Or Forcefully GC after 400 test cases !!
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I created a script to send email with attachments. It runs and compiles just fine BUT I cannot locate the compiled file
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Yes, it's a script and Im trying to use it in Oracle EDQ.
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What Groovy have that kotlin haven't?
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Hi, as other people said, both dynamic & static coding style, ecosystem and better docs and support are sufficient for me.
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Hi Group Members,

Please check and let me know if anyone of you is interested for below.

Note: Only for Authorised persons who can work in USA independently.

Role: : Groovy Grails Developer
Location: : Austin, TX / San Antonio, TX, USA
Mode of Hiring : Full Time Employment
Description : Groovy Grails as primary skillset and UI (Java script ) will be secondary skillset

Thanks & Regards,

Swatantra Kumar Dwivedi

Bringing talent, framework & execution together to provide customized business solutions since 2007. OUR SERVICES In today’s fast-changing business environment, organizations need to respond quickly to changes. Next Level Business Services (NLB Services) partners with its clients to support process
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i sent you an email Ibrahim
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Hello !!!

I have some question. I need use DI in groovy script , if it would be class is no problem (grails, spring), and all stuff about DI in groovy in Internet take only groovy class not groovy script. Could you advise me how resolve my problem ? I add that I use groovy script because I use cucumber for tests.
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Thank you Antonio !!! It was very helpfull for me !!!
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Hi Everyone,

Is there any sample web application using Groovy on Grails? I would like to get the code and build it.

Thanks in advance for help!
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By the way, the project's name is just "Grails", not "Groovy on Grails". 
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I want to reduce the uploaded image file size and convert that to store in server, as thumbnail, and when I retrieve that one that should show the original image file not thumbnail .

Can anybody help me out , about this ?
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That's just standard Java, you will find the answer on stack overflow
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I've got a problem that I can't solve no matter what I try. I have Java library with function that accepts `double` as a parameter. Now I call it from groovy and if the parameter is like `1.1` everything works fine. But if the parameter is `1.0`, I get `ClassCastException` because groovy converts the number to Integer internally and Java can't cast Integer to Double. Explicitly casting the number to double does not help since groovy performs the cast somewhere between groovy and java code.

Is there a way to solve this problem?
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Found it: - groovy-core

The power does some black magic with type conversion. This behavior is not obvious from documentation and it seems to me rather bugged. I will probably fix it by overriding static extension for Number.
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Hello. I think about use spring context (autowired) in my groovy test E2E , but I'm not sure it possible for groovy script (in this place I want to autowired some object) ? Someone do that ? I will I will be grateful for help

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Facing issue to generate the XMLas output, How should I create a XML output where XML as a input using Groovy ?
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Why you choose Groovy over Kotlin?

I known that one of reasons is ecosystem (like Grails), but Kotlin can use Spring (I am not sure). Is that only reason? 
Artur Wójcik's profile photoIbrahim HALOUANE's profile photo
I choosed groovy after learning scala for theses reason:
1- it has Java-Like syntax
2- Learning curve is short
3- It has both static and dynamic paradigm
4- Great ecosystem (grails, gradle...)
whereas Kotlin doesn't provide much more, and its still fresh and not ready for production IMHO.
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Is this where we can post questions about Groovy?
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The best place is the Groovy mailing-list: - The Groovy programming language - Mailing-lists
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Hi Guys and Gals,

Groovy/Java question.
How can I make the below method:
- public void log_something(String someText)
to be restricted only to be used with Constant String literals?

I.e. allowed:
- log_something("some text here")

Not allowed:
- log_something("some dynamic text"+someOtherTextVariable)

It should be compile-time check. Ideally without AST.
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To: Virtual Dogber, wow its amazing article out there. Thanks a lot!
To: Colin Harrington: This is good approach, but I want it to be independent of build environment, because library will be published as open source and even possible other people might use it.
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See if you can help with this riddle!
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Do you have script for convert fixed length file to CSV or XML
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Hello :) I have soome question. I need work with pdf document i my groovy test framework. Do You think is not anty-pattern when I use some helper class wrote in java (I want to use PDFBox framwework) ?
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I used eclipse for its WindowBuilder to quickly sketch up Swing Gui, and the rest of the code was in groovy (Sql database scripts...other stuff), everything went well.
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Hi guys, I was just going through Component groovy-all-1.7.5. I found that there are 34 authors mentioned in link . Can I take the list of authors from this link? If not, can anyone please provide me the correct list?
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Ok. I will check the Github repository for Authors. Thanks.
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