Time to convince your manager to send you to https://gr8conf.us/ . 20% off code:

Making it the most affordable conference where yo can learn about Grails, Gradle, Micronaut, and all things Groovy.

I'll be there giving talks about Grails Security Options and AST Magic Revealed.

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I can see the wildcard origins are still not allowed on Google oAuth2.
Any future plan to support it?


Hey guys need some help here. As per code, it should print else statement "Branch is develop" . but here it is going to if statement. Need help :)

def removeBranch = true
gitlabSourceBranch = 'develop_test'
echo "${removeBranch}"

if ( removeBranch == true ){
echo "Inside If statement"
echo "${gitlabSourceBranch}"
if ( gitlabSourceBranch !=~ /^develop.*/ ){
echo "Branch is not develop"
echo "Branch is develop"

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I just wrote a post regarding to Memoized usage in Groovy. http://josdem.io/techtalk/groovy/memoized #Groovy #groovylang

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morning, somebody can help me.
im confuse using the (+=) operator.
can somebody gift a sample using with that.


hi team, is any know how to run the groovy test cases in eclipse, i am using eclipse Oxygen version , can you please help me with plugin and steps to follow, i could not find.

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