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My Version of Solidus Snake in Metal Gear Solid V TPP

check it out and leave comment about your thoughts, thx!

So what do you do here

Is this place still alive? 0.o

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Name: Ayaka Yoshida
Age: 15 
Gender: Female
Bio: A quiet, hotheaded, and sometimes rebellious girl who often wears a hat to hide the fact that she has wolf ears and a long coat to hide her tail. Under too much pressure/stress she can transform into a light-colored wolf that can and will attack anything or anyone nearby. She has an unusual looking puppy that follows her around (he acts like a normal dog though).
Metal Gear or Anime: Anime (unknown)
Relationship: Single
Crushing on: Nobody
Birthday: April 16
Species: Wolf Girl
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Hey everyone! So I joined this and the rp group the other day and have been thinking... Well, I really, really like roleplaying, but only with people who take it seriously and are on enough. I personally like rping on skype. It sounds weird but it works really well (probably not with a bunch of groups though). And also I noticed there's more rp here than in the roleplay group, which I thought was weird... I thought that this group was for profiles and ooc and the other was for rp...? Doesn't matter. Also there seems to be few members who actually post. I think maybe if a member is gone for a certain period of time without saying where they went they should get a warning and if they don't answer they should be kicked from the group.

(edited this because I disagreed with my pass self o.o)

Walks around the halls, her dog following, wondering where her dorm is

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Ryūko Matoi
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Bio: The girl who's looking for her father's killer
World: Anime (Kill La Kill)
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It's only been a week and this community is dead D:

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Name: Mami Tomoe
Bio: witch hunter

I just realized I haven't been on lately. :<
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