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× Mod sign ups are open

• Do not post irrevelant stuff other than commission; prices, asking for commissions, or finished commission's.
• Adopts are allowed, but mainly commissions.
• Do not bully
• You can swear, but only if you are frustrated as hell with a person or a noun
• No more than 1 adopt a day
• Mod sign ups are open at the moment
• If ye are unsure of something, ask me.
• No roleplaying, or nsfw please

Have fun other wise and invite your friends!
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Dog/Wolf/Cat: 100 points
Chinese Dragon: 200 points
Dutch Angel Dragon: 250 points
Pony: 300 Points.

Price may rise if hard character.

Will take art in exchange but will be picky.

Friends half off.

Art can also be used to pay half.
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Very dead community.

But I'm a mod.


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Salem is up for offers! I originally bought her for 1200 points, and she has extra art (which I can't access atm) so I'm looking for a bit above 1200 if that's possible!

+Teen Rara​ you might be interested, you have her in your dream ocs

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I have opened commissions on my DA. Here is a link:
I do customs. All my art is traditional. All prices are negotiable. Full color if specified. Right now I am hoping to save up some points for a particular adoptable. My art is not the best but it is always improving. In conclusion: Please ask for commissions from me.

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•Has a cat named Iron
•Iron has a missing eye

160 points
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A commission for +•Pawsome Rabbits•

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Milleu dragons:
Milleu dragons can adapt to anything. They originally started as nature themed but since the humans discovered them they have been adapting and changing since humans took them in as pets. For example, if a baker took one in and kept the egg it in thier bakery, they will be food themed when they hatched.
1) Egg: All Milleu dragons eggs will have spikes and a hard shell no matter where they are. Mothers will be very protective of the egg and sometimes will even hurt the father if he gets to close.
2) Baby: Baby Milleu dragons are the size of baseballs and are round. At this stage they will not have any legs but they will jump around to move. Mothers will stay with them 24/7 and fathers will be allowed to be around the baby. Babies will squeak to communicate.
3) Toddler: Toddler Milleus develop small legs but still hop around to move around. They are the size of basketballs. Mothers will let toddlers have some freedom but will stay with them. Toddlers will squeak to communicate.
4) Kid: Kid Milleus become longer and stronger. At this stage they will learn how to fly and learn how to find food. They develop toes and claws. Mothers will let them have freedom to roam around but they must be in sight when they do. They will squeak/chirp to communicate. They are about 14 inches high.
5) Teenager: Teenager Milleus develope horns and wings will become bigger. Thier eyes will change from the iris being black to it being white and the outer eye becoming black. They will leave thier homes and wander off to go live on thier own, but stay around the area where they were born. (Example: If born in a forest, they will live in a forest.) They will chirp to communicate and are about 22 inches high.
6)Adult: Adult Milleus will start looking for a mate at this stage. Once they do they will stay together for about a year before actually mating. They will stay will that mate until death. They are about 25-30 inches high. They can live up to 1000-2000 years before dying of old age.

•Horns can be anywhere
•Hair style can be anything as long as it fits with its theme.
•Males are slightly larger than females

Must haves:
•Fluff on the end of tail

Make your own: 10 points
Custom: 15-20 points
Rights (You can make customs, as many as you want, and can sell rights): 30 points

•Don't sell rights for less than 30 points
•Do not sell or trade your Milleu dragon for about 1 week when you first get it.
•I must approve your Milleu if you have a MYO.
•Do steal other Milleu dragons.
•Join the Milleu community or message me over Hangouts or a pp to get your Milleu approved and so I can take note who has one.
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I've been in this community for a while now but I haven't posted my commission prices yet! So here, have a collection of the ones that I finished and prices are pinned. Also commissions are always opened!
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