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In the Pale Ladies kingdom the children of the crystal gather

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The reason the Doctor is so obsessed by loot is that he really, really wants that wax coat and mask combo.

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And an old favourite.

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The Doctors future garden.

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Next Game Date: October 29, 2017, Sunday @ 6:00am MST/Aspen, CO, 5:00am PST/Los Angles, CA, 1:00pm Liverpool, 2:00pm Stockholm.

The PC's attempt to complete the mission assigned to them by the mysterious Claymen Morrow.

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Since due to what we are now politely referring to as "The Italian incident" we find ourselves somewhat lacking in the firepower department so I thought it would be a good time to mention those death globes again which are stuffed in someone's pack.
And depending on what they are made of those blow guns may also prove to be very handy as well.

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I think this may already be listed here somewhere and apologies for the spelling but,
The current unhappy band of bizarrely literal red coats.
1, Bartlett he of the missing leg.
2, Sergeant May A.K.A Zeal's now huskier B.F.F
3, Cuthbert Cobb A.K.A That idiot.
4, Nicholas Tillman
5, Mathew Peddler A.K.A The doom of Ralph
6, Roger Keely A.K.A The Ides of Ralph
7, Jan Southforth

I've not included Zeal as I don't see him as a disposable red shirt it seems we would have to do some pretty hard explaining if he did die back at Ireton's.

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Maybe soon....?
Alternate taglines:
"Did I use six spell slots, or only five?"
"I call this one the Abra Kadabra 47."
"Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to hex everyone you meet."
"Ready! Aim! Fireball!"
"When magic missiles run out of magic."
"Yer a wizard, Dirty Harry."

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Interesting people and their throbbing purple helmets

The adventure continues.................
Craigh the self claimed Scottish freedom fighter his pistol still wreathed in gun smoke stands over the naked body of a strangely muscled man, he looks around  his eyes taking in the rest of the scouting party and the room before finally resting on their new prisoner.
This prisoner was also showing signs of deformed musculature but it wasn't nearly as pronounced as that of the dead mans but he was still unnaturally well developed. He also seemed strangely unaffected by his comrades recent brutal death in fact he seemed more upset that Craigh had just shot the man instead of taking them up on their fairly offered test of strength."Ah haud yer wheelsht Jimmy cannae ye see a'm trying tae think 'ere"
Craigh then turns to the soldiers that make up the rest of the scouting party, "Ye twa men tae him up we need tae git movin afore anymair o thae boaby swingers caw up."The two soldiers exchange confused looks with each other and then shrug their shoulders. "Whit dinnae tell me ye dinnae ken th' kings Sassenach? tae him up ye ken wi ' rope, Jesus mist ah dae everything?" helped along by Craigh's somewhat vulgar hand gestures and pantomiming skills the two soldiers slowly realise what the crazed Scot wants and begin to pull out twists of rope which they use to tie up the naked man.The naked man offers no protest at this state of affairs he just continues to moan about Craigh's unmanly attack and if he had just waited they could have all stripped down got oiled up and wrestled together for the glory of Mantaka. Craigh pokes the naked man with his....finger leaving a strange smear in the mans thickly applied chest oil."Clam up ye mad eejit ah telt ye afore I dinnae git mah wullie oot for na Jimmy ye ken?"Just then the door on the opposite wall bursts open and more naked men swing into the room their oiled bodies seemingly glowing in the torch light. They pause upon seeing Craigh in his tattered kilt and the quickly levelled muskets of the soldiers but the spell is broken when another strangely muscled man cries out from behind the first two "What are you waiting for get the interlopers in the name of Mantaka charge!"
There then follows a lot of moaning and groaning as a N.S.F.W fight breaks out which boils down to a lot of heavily muscled, naked, fully aroused and oily men leaping into hand to hand combat with the reinforced scouting party their tackle swinging dangerously close to the faces of the startled and completely horrified Puritans the oil on their bodies strangely causing many a soldiers otherwise telling blow to slide off before doing any real harm and as the echo of gunfire finally ceased the scouting party realised that they were at a slight disadvantage as even though they were armed with swords and pistols they were simply horrified at the thought of what they might end up grabbing as the melee gets close and dirty. Eventually the naked men were no match for the scouting parties superior firepower and armour they had caused a lot of damage but whilst their blows might break a bone or two the scouts blows would cut through flesh and sever limbs so the result was inevitable. So after a lot of oiled up and naked men were beaten off the party drops to the floor exhausted and blown and only then do they check to see what price their victory had cost them. Sergeant May was bleeding heavily from a nasty hickey on his neck and looked to be in a bad way and Zeal was beaten black and blue a trickle of blood escaping from his now somewhat flatter nose. Pointing to a soldier he instructs him to go fetch the Doctor as his services were needed. The Doctor by now somewhat used to his companions behaviour asked no questions upon seeing a room stacked full of dead naked men he just assumes that his comrades had starting looting earlier than normal. Zeal directed him to Sergeant May and ordered that he be treated immediately so the Doctor quickly got to work cleaning the numerous deep bite marks with copious amounts of vinegar and he then stitched up the wounds with his finest catgut he finally applies bandages and a soothing poultice of shredded potato mixed with witch hazel. May looking very pale staggers back up swaying ever so slightly. Even after treatment his buff coat was soaked with his own blood all down the one side giving him a ghoulish appearance. After the Doctor has finished Zeal quickly bustles over and begins fussing over the wounded sergeant asking him if he could go on etc. The Doctor got on with treating the various wounds whilst the others began questioning the few prisoners. The prisoners were soon persuaded to talk and they revealed that they were survivors of a shipwreck, it seems they were sailing along the coast when they were caught out by the sudden storm which accompanied the rising of the island and when they finally made it to the shore they found themselves near a temple of some sort they heard a faint voice calling to them promising them safety and physical perfection if only they would worship the voice of course a few of the sailors resisted and refused to blaspheme but many others succumbed to the honeyed words that they heard and soon cold, wet and hungry they turned on their comrades and the voice did indeed bless them. The Doctor overhearing the sordid tale was heard to mutter something about finding himself in a room full of salty seaman...again.
Zeal and Ralph decide to investigate the Temple beyond the door, Ralph remembering how the Mantaka worshippers preferred to fight without weapons handed over to the Doctor his many axes for safe keeping  which the Doctor who was already humping around a heavy medical chest was not exactly over joyed about but Ralph wouldn't be dissuaded . The slightly miffed Doctor took out his frustrations by poisoning the more heavily wounded prisoner claiming it was an act of mercy but as the man went into a seizure it was noticed that he was also watching the man very intently and taking copious notes. The original prisoner meanwhile was judged by Zeal to have forsaken the one true God and as such had forfeited his life. Two soldiers were called over and they strangled the poor wretch, he struggled for awhile but he was tightly bound hand and foot and after five minutes or so he finally succumbed to the soldiers garrotte.
Zeal and Ralph crossed into the Temple and found it was a vaulted stone chamber and it seemed that one sides wall had collapsed outwards revealing the jungle beyond. The floor seemed to be hard packed clay covered with a scattering of that strange black sand. In the centre of the room upon an altar of jade and bone stood a grotesque statue of an over developed human like figure. Ralph goes over to examine the altar and its strange idol but as he approaches he stops suddenly and hears a whispered voice saying that if he strips down naked and has a hearty meal he would be rewarded. Ralph turns and sees Zeal behind him "My lord maybe we should topple this hell spawned statue?" Zeal oddly shakes his head but agrees and together they manage push the surprisingly heavy statue over. "Ahhh my head" cries Zeal suddenly  "Get out you demon for I am one with the one true God and beyond temptation" shouts Zeal. Ralph suddenly wishes he had his axes back but Zeal looks at Ralph a weak smile plastered across his pale sweaty face "Don't worry noble Ralph it has passed  as I touched the statue I was assailed by visions of violence but I am strong in my faith and remain uncorrupted" Ralph lumbers over to him and after a brief but awkward pause pats Zeal on the back "Not to worry sir its all over now, I guess we should check the rest of the chamber"  Casting a last slightly worried look at the toppled statue they head towards another door in the corner of the room, opening the door releases a cloud of steam and as it clears several pools of water are revealed beyond some are bubbling gently and have steam rolling out of them whilst other seem to have a thin crust of ice over them. The walls are also covered in oddly shaped niches each one containing various oils and shaving implements. Ralph suggests that the party could do with a hot bath so Zeal asks the Doctors opinion which turns out that a bathing is notoriously dangerous and would be a waste of time as it removes the protective sheen of dirt that covers most healthy people. Zeal turns around to tell Ralph the bad news but is shocked to see that the somewhat hefty Ralph already disrobing behind him. Ralph looks up and somewhat sheepishly says "Oh sorry sir I think I may have pulled a muscle toppling that statue and me dear old Dad always swore by a hot bath when he pulled something"  Zeal looks somewhat confused but confronted by Ralphs huge naked form in such a confined area he decides that he can be generous this one time and agrees with Ralphs request but tells him to hurry up and wash the blood of himself and then he must re-join the rest of the party at the pinnacle. He then awkwardly squeezes past and pops back into the statue room. The rest of the party had grown somewhat bored and uncomfortable standing around amongst all the dead seaman and had decided to follow Zeal into the temple and being a curious bunch they had gone off to investigate the last unexplored room. This room seemed to contain a lot of shiny things, Torcs, huge bronze shields and a strange crown but before they could be liberated Zeal had turned up and chased them out of the room warning them about touching such ungodly items. The Doctor backed him up and flings a chunk of meat onto the floor "I was wondering what these men had been eating and decided to check out the bowls, they were eating human flesh these had been honest God fearing sailors only a few days ago but see how quickly they became monsters, cannibals even and the corruption could only have come from these idolatrous items" There was a lot of unhappy muttering but Zeal managed to restore order and get the party back in order. The new plan was that we would return to the pinnacle via the tunnels, pick up the wounded soldier and his guard along the way and using the height of the pinnacle plot a new course of exploration as Zeal was still determined to reach the other side of the lagoon. So off they went leaving Ralph and two soldiers behind at the temple Ralph to finish his bath and the soldiers to check the area one last time to make sure we weren't leaving any enemies behind us. Ralph finding himself alone in the bathroom decided to gorge himself on food eating several days worth of rations in one go, stuffing himself like some kind of demented hamster and all the time thinking of Mantaka. repeating the name over and over again in his head.  Ralph swiftly munched his way through all the food and managed not to choke himself to death which must have pleased Mantaka as Ralph started to feel a warmth deep within him which spread up and to his arms and since he hadn't peed in the water he guessed it must be because he had done as Mantaka had asked. Looking at himself he quickly realised that his arms seemed bigger and when he got dressed his shirt was a little tighter. Quickly he finishes getting dressed and he gives his clothes a quick sponge down and then goes out to find the soldiers. The soldiers were coming out of the room across the temple, the one that had all those strange shiny objects in and when the soldiers see Ralph they quickly end their conversation and looked somewhat guilty but now was not the time to cause any trouble so Ralph just waved a meaty paw at them and told them it was time to head back to the pinnacle.
The rest of the Party had by now reached the pinnacle  and had made their way back up to the top chambers dragging the heavily wounded Bartlett behind with them. A make shift camp was quickly set up in the chamber below the strange monolith and soon enough armour was being removed with tired sighs and the more superficial injuries beneath were getting  looked at by the Doctor. A fire was prepared and bedrolls set out as Zeal went up to the topmost room he looked out across the jungle towards the lagoon and the mist shrouded shore beyond he turned to the few party members who had joined him and explained his plans "We need to investigate the other side of the island before we can claim mission accomplished gentleman so I plan to cross that body of water tomorrow at first light. I thereby suggest that you get a group together now and using what little of the day remains gather some wood and any other supplies you deem necessary to make us a raft" he then dismisses the party who exchange some worried looks but at least with Craighs and Guilios clockwork arms it should be easy job and so off they go discussing half remembered carpentry lessons and the best way to lash a vine. They bump into the increasingly hulking form of Ralph on the stairway and catch him up on Operation Sinking feeling. Luckily the area around the pinnacle provides everything they needed to make an awesome raft, Craighs drill attachment proving especially handy. The Doctor though wondered off as after pulling out yet another splinter from his hands he had decided that carpentry really wasn't his thing and instead he gathered up some of the nearby cabbage like plants and after detailing them in his notebook gave them a thoughtful look and then added several to his bag. And just as the last of the light was fading the H.M.S Chum was dragged to the lagoons shore, secured and left ready for tomorrows voyage and with the light fading a faint purplish glow could now be seen coming from the beneath the lagoon's water. The adventurers returned to base camp and busied themselves with small chores, the Doctor for example went over and unusually for him got the great soot blackened cooking pot out and started to gather rations together to make a stew for everyone Ralph meanwhile sought out Zeal and asked if he could have a quiet word with him. Craigh wondered up to the top of the tower and looked out across the landscape trying to make out where they would end up tomorrow he noticed that there was another glow further inland and this glow was strong enough to light up the low hanging clouds giving them an eerie cast. The light seemed to pulse a little but seemed to come from a large stationary object and after making a rough map and some calculations he returns to the chamber below to discuss he findings. Ralph leads Zeal back out onto the stairwell and when safely out of earshot of the others Ralph leans into Zeal and whispers "My Lord I hate to do this but I think you need to know" there is a dramatic pause then he continues "I believe that Mathew and Roger the two soldiers that stayed with me at the temple may have weakened and taken some of the items from that foul place maybe in an attempt to profit from them" Zeal looks thoughtful and then standing on tiptoe pats Ralph on the back " You were right to tell me this Ralph those profane items could very well have corrupted us all. he smiles and continues "I now know that I have made the right decision" he adds mysteriously and again thanking Ralph he leads him back to the others. Upon his return he briefly speaks to Cobb (another soldier) and then he calls over the two soldiers named by Ralph he is pleasant asks them some general  questions and then roughly demands that they turn out their pockets and packs, Mathew and Roger complain and begin to  protest but when they see Cobb step forward with his musket at the ready they realise that Zeal means business and they do as he asks revealing a small treasure trove of bronze and gold trinkets.  Zeal unfortunately feels that this is a good time for a rousing speech in which he berates the guilty soldiers and telling them that these baubles are not worth the price of their immortal souls but he forgives them as he knows that not everybody has the strength of faith that he is blessed with and so weaker than him they can fall into temptation. Everybody looks slightly uncomfortable during Zeal's sermon and Mathew and Roger stare daggers at Ralph who happily waves back at them from behind Zeal. The speech is thankfully a short one and the Doctor breaks the awkward silence that follows with a hearty cry of "Grubs up" and he begins to serve up his possibly soon to be famous trail ration and tiny cabbage thing stew. As everyone goes to get a warm meal Zeal gathers up the trinkets and heads towards one of the openings in the pinnacles side he pauses looking at the trinkets in his hands a strange look crosses his face, he shakes his head as if to clear it and then throws the trinkets out of the opening and down into the still eerily quiet jungle below. Zeal then turns back into the room and grabs his mess kit and heads to the gaggle of men who are tucking into the Doctors stew with gusto. The hot meal and camp fire work their magic and soon everyone is relaxing, chatting and laughing about the weirdness they have so far encountered on this accursed island and mugs are raised in toast to their fallen. Some time later the room is full of the sounds of snoring and the hushed conversations of the few men unable to sleep yet. Zeal speaks to the gravely injured May and then after their own hushed conversation ends he quickly seeks out the Doctor who is trying to restock his collection of spider webs. Zeal places a hand on the Doctors shoulder and spins him round to face him the Doctor is somewhat shocked especially when he see that Zeal is almost in tears his eyes almost brimming over with water he tells the Doctor in a harsh whisper "May! you must not lose him Doctor he must live you understand me he must live" The Doctor somewhat taken aback can only nod at first though he finally manages to let out a slightly strangled "I'll try not to" luckily this seems to be enough and Zeal releases his iron grip and with a last "May can't die" he stalks back over to his bedroll. The Doctor decides that grabbing some sleep now before anyone else wants a  word with him would be a very good thing indeed and quickly heads over to his bedroll quickly covering his face with his blanket. This only leaves Ralph seemingly awake his stomach still grumbling even after eating several meals he sits quietly in a corner sharpening his hatchets then there is a groan and looking across the room he sees May struggle up into a sitting position. May looks around the room and seeing only Ralph still awake spits up some blood and creakily calls him over intrigued Ralph lumbers up and very quietly especially for such a big man crosses over to May, gently stepping over the sleeping soldiers "Hello Sergeant you feeling any better? can I get you some water or something?" May shakes his head and croaks out "Ralph I'm guessing I wont be you for the next part of this insanity and I reckon you will need all the help you can get" he then fumbles around in his trousers much to Ralph's horror the fight with the cultists of Mantaka still very fresh in his mind.  Luckily though May just pulls out a small sack and drops it into Ralph's hands "Shims Ralph, shims you understand man? add these to the men's sights and they will find aiming their muskets a lot easier" Ralph looked somewhat dumbfounded at this news and was going to ask May what the hell he was on about but May had fallen asleep again no doubt one of the Doctors tonics was at work Ralph made May comfortable and taking the shims went back to his corner and finally fell asleep a small wooden goat clutched tightly in one meaty paw. Morning arrives with its all to soon suddenness and the men grumble and curse as cold water is splashed into red rimmed eyes and a lukewarm porridge is eaten for breakfast the Doctor checks up on his various patients and spends a long time checking over the mornings stool samples and oddly asking if people enjoyed last nights meal. The others sharpen weapons, check powder and shot and start to put on their various padded jackets and pieces of plate so its around nine o'clock before everyone is ready to head back out and to the raft.
Zeal arranges for the wounded to stay at the pinnacle as its by far the most defensible position they have found so far and assigns one of the soldiers as a guard/carer to the injured he then gathers the men together and calls Ralph forward "Men as you know Sergeant May is gravely wounded and as such he will remain here with Bartlett to recover his strength and in the unlikely event that we do not return he will lead whatever survivors back to Yarmouth and then onto Norwich to inform Lord Ireton of what has happened here, and so I name Ralph Norton as acting sergeant he will be my strong right hand and as such you will obey him as you would me is that understood." most of the party agree one or two even slapping Ralph on the back in congratulations but Mathew and Roger are conspicuous by their quick departure they really don't seem very happy to hear about this change of command and they refuse to go anywhere near their newly minted sergeant. So after the celebrations the men get to gathering up all their equipment and saying their final goodbyes to those men remaining.
The party sets out into the jungle, Zeal stays behind for a moment to hand over a dispatch case to Sergeant May he then exchanges a few final words and then he to leaves. The brief trek through the still silent jungle passes without too much incident but just to the side of one of the trails previously made by the raft work team a deep crevasse is discovered and pausing to look down the party see the faint outlines of huge yellowing bones littering the mist shrouded depths The party soon reaches the lagoons shore and luckily find the raft where they left it after piling on their kit Ralph grabs a couple of the loose vines and with a loud grunt drags the raft into the lagoon this impressive feat of strength is almost ruined when he then jumps onto the raft almost causing it to roll over. Most of the party just curse him out in a friendly manner but Mathew and Roger seem to have very thoughtful looks upon their faces after some jostling and shoving everybody finally gets on without too much trouble and then there is an awkward pause when everyone wonders who actually can steer this thing.  Then Craigh stands up and shuffles over to the rear of the raft "Och fur gods sake, shift ower ye boggin' bunch o' idiots luckily ah hae punted ower th' mighty loch ness. Christ ye wid be lost wi'oot me" he then grabs a long branch and pushes the raft out and into the lagoon muttering curse words under his breath  the whole time. Luckily apart from a couple of cases of mild sea sickness the crossing passes without incident, well apart from about halfway across and a couple of the soldiers point out that there seems to be something vast and slightly luminous directly beneath the raft but everyone decides that it would be best just to ignore it and continue onto the other shore.
With a huge sigh of relief the raft finally grounds itself on the dark gritty shore and you have never seen people get off a boat so fast in your life Ralph and Guilio were just throwing packs off and onto the shore going for speed rather than accuracy so the packs, boxes and tubs ended up all over the place Mathew Peddler was very suspicious when he was forced to duck several times as  various packs flew towards his head. The raft was tied up the equipment collected from the various trees and bushed they had ended up in and when everyone was settled and ready Zeal got them moving into the  jungle. After half an hour or so a trail of sorts was found and caused a moments panic as muskets were levelled and the surrounding jungle was peered at through numerous shaky sights. The panic was only momentary though and Ralph got everyone back into line "No need to panic its just an animal trail see" he points down to a few water filled hoof prints "See its just a deer or something" and just as everyone was feeling a little foolish and lowering their weapons a strange flat furry face broke through the foliage, the beasts large brown seeming eyes surveying the party and somehow it managed to give the impression that it wasn't all that impressed with what it saw. It briefly stopped chewing and instead spat a stream of foul smelling fluid towards the party most of whom easily manage to avoid the noxious fluid but Cuthbert moved the wrong way and so took a large globule of it right in the face he immediately started screaming and staggers back desperately trying to wipe his face clean, the Doctor helpfully threw some water at him.
Just then the strange animal moved further onto the trail revealing a strange furry horse like body that was squat and powerful looking it had a long neck which supported a large intelligent looking flat face. Its eyes were a deep brown and then suddenly a vibrant blue depending on how the light hit them and its teeth were blunt broad and yellowish. Somewhat disturbingly it also seemed to be snickering at Cuthberts antics. The party didn't know what to do some were rushing to Cuthberts aid whilst others pulled back the locks on their muskets and aimed them at the strange animal then there was a horrid squealing noise and a crackle and a tall grayish man stepped out of the jungle he was wearing an outlandish helmet of some sort made up of some dark metal and covered in tubing(?) which covered his face entirely and in a deep monotone voice said "Oh I'm terribly sorry has Layko been misbehaving again? Naughty Layko no more treats for you he means no harm he's just a little high spirited that's all" there then followed a loud pop and another one of those strange pig like squeals and the stranger smacked the side of his helmet.  "Sorry, sorry the etheric vanes are playing up again I wont be a moment" he then bangs the side of the helmet again and fiddles with something on his belt. "There that's better have you come far? oh and by then way the visitor is waiting for you at the causeway it seems that you have just arrived in the nick of time" Now dear reader you would have thought that this man and his animal would have gone down in a blaze of musket fire as soon as they had appeared but between Cuthberts screaming about slimy spit and whatever terrible flashbacks it seemed to be giving him, the giggling fluffy horse and the mans bizarrely polite behaviour it hadn't even crossed the parties collective mind to actually fire, they were simply too stunned to do anything. Zeal is the first to recover and checking to see that his new strong right hand is close by he approaches the man "Stranger I am Zeal for the lord Harrison of the Parliamentarian army of the most blessed British isles and in whose name I demand that you tell us your name and what your business is"   The figure turns his helmeted head towards him and with a snap and a pop answers "Oh hello Mr Zeal for the lord Harrison its a pleasure to finally meet you I've heard so much about you and the others, funny weather we've been having for this time of year don't you think? and my handle, ident or name is the Paladin of the fall he steps forward and with a very elaborate bow continues "Time is short and my vigil has been long and the visitor requests the pleasure of your companies, please be all thanking and follow me/us" the helmet makes a sad popping noise. Everyone looks somewhat nonplussed even Layko tilts his flat face to one side and lets out a snort of derision.There then follows an intense inter-party debate which every so often was interrupted by further questions being asked of the Paladin there was even one brief attempt to ask Layko's help in clearing things up which just ended up with Guilio covered in spit the Paladin meanwhile busied himself with trying to answer the numerous questions, offering Cuthbert a hanky and another rather formal apology for Laykos behaviour and at one stage worryingly going over to Layko and pulling out from a sheath behind the saddle a strange polearm which had blades mounted at either end but seeing the parties reaction he wisely puts it quickly back the gist of all this is that the party finally agrees to follow the Paladin to this apparently well respected and oddly well informed visitor if only in the vain hope that he could explain what the hell was going on. Cuthbert is finally wiped down, slapped a couple of times and shoved back into the line and the party moves on with the Paladin leading the way riding atop the suddenly flatulent Layko, the fact that it kept looking back and  snickering really didn't help the mood.
The jungle slowly peters out and becomes wetlands the trees giving way to various small rough bushes and great swathes of thorny vines the ground becomes more and more water logged and somewhat squelchy underfoot  making the going harder and harder, and so some of the men get to complaining but Ralph keeps them in line making his way down the column from Layko and the Paladin to the rear to crack some heads whenever the muttering becomes too loud. The Paladin stops at the start of a crystal causeway which crosses the increasingly wide streams and bubbling pools he points towards a distant purple glow and says "Gigg'jdfe ifjbjbjuuu?" he shakes his head pauses turns a dial and then tries again "...ugger this, the blasted damp gets everywhere, Oh is it working again?" he coughs then points again to the distant light "Behold the Palace of the Pale lady enemy of the Paladins of the fall the cause of our lonely vigil.....oh and the visitor is there as well which is jolly handy, come on then we should make it before lunch" and with that Layko scrambles up onto the crystal causeway and only slightly befuddled the party  climbs up and follows him across  towards the light"  And as the party has  come to expect things were not all plain sailing and the previously faint odour of sewage that had been growing since they had started to cross the wetlands became stronger and stronger forcing many to wear handkerchiefs across their faces the journey whilst unpleasant passes without further incident and soon they can make out shimmering buildings built with weird angles beyond the strange purple glow the small figure of a leather clad man could just be seen working on what appeared to be some strange looking boxes and after fifteen more minutes of travel the party find themselves standing in front of the throbbing purple light and the odd looking buildings which were barely visible behind it. The Paladin dismounts and heads towards the leather clad man who was also wearing an interesting helmet, Layko terrorises Cuthbert until he gets the message and feeds him an apple from his pack and the rest of the party wait nervously. The Paladin pats the visitor on the back and we hear the crackle of his talking box then visitor turns around to look at the party and the party learns two things one the name of the Paladin is Kyriakos and the visitor is none other than Claymon Morrow the Bedouin looking chap some of them had met at the Pale ladies rabbit kingdom. "Bugger" goes the Doctor "Its that funny fellow who wanted us to kill someone for him isn't it didn't we tell him he could shove it, oh well this could be somewhat awkward" but weirdly it wasn't instead Morrow pulled up his goggles and after a quick readjustment of his padded leather outfit warmly greets the party "Ah excellent I knew old Kyriakos here could find you" he then pulls out a strange device looks at it and then looks at Zeal "Yes its turned out alright in the end though I had expected you a little earlier it appears that you have drifted a little from the schedule. Oh well never mind that can't be helped" he then rushes over to one of the strange boxes and makes some small adjustments to a bank of coloured lantern things which cover one side all the while giving the party a running commentary on what was going on and what their part in it all was. He was also going on about something called a Trans arcana penetration as initiated by the Pale lady and that such a thing would be very, very bad for everyone else he needed someone namely the party to get into the Pale ladies castle and remove a few purple or were they clear crystals? he wasn't totally one hundred percent which but never mind removing them would do something and then everything would be super. The apocalypse would be safely diverted for a century or two and the trans arcana energies would be safely earthed again but to be honest nobody in the party had a bloody clue what he was on about but it certainly sounded jolly important. Sensing that he was perhaps losing his audience Claymon hands Guilio and the Doctor each a small disc made of some sort of metal "Look just be good chaps and take these locator beacons with you, don't lose them mind as they will be the only way for me to know that you have succeeded and for me to then suck you out" again the party does a collective "You what?" and numerous heated small discussion's break out the phrases "Did you get any of that?, Is he French?, Okay lets just kill them all and leg it back to Norwich" and oddly enough "Get your thieving snout out of my pack you furry bastard" are briefly heard on the air. Zeal finally tells Ralph to sort things out as he tries to make sense of things so while he heads over to Claymon to discuss things Ralph gets to work slapping some order back into the ranks. There is a brief standoff though when he gets to Craigh and the sound of clockwork gears spinning up to speed is suddenly very noticeable but before there is a bad case of unfortunate bloodshed Layko trots over and blows a raspberry at Craigh and then licks his face "Och ye wee furry bastard if your'e oan wee Ralphs side wha am ah tae argie?" and the sound of clockwork powered blades fades away.  The rest of the soldiers complain a bit but none dare go against Zeal yet and oddly the Doctor and Guilio seem fairly calm about things as they seem to be discussing the theory that they have already died and this is some weird limbo before one of the twelve gates of heaven they just seemed to be arguing about which particular gate. Several moments pass before a sombre looking Zeal returns from his chat with Claymon he pulls himself straight and calls the party together "Okay we have all seen some strange and terrible things recently the beasts under the ruined church, that Satanic temple, the frozen landscape we crossed to get here containing the bodies of the good people of Yarmouth. Some of you have even lost loved ones to those accursed flesh beasts that now freely roam the land" he pauses and then in a quieter tone continues "You were all hand picked for this mission you are the best of a proud and noble brotherhood and as such even though these things that are demanded of you seem wrong on oh so many levels you know deep down that they must be done, WE! do not matter what we do and the people we save does so no more arguments, no more discussions we have a mission laid out before us , a holy mission and we will fulfil our oaths to protect and serve the people of this great land we go forward and will do as Mr Morrow asks for he had convinced me that this is the only way to save our homes, our loved ones and indeed the republic so this is the plan gentleman, the members of the Clockwork bureau accompanied by several soldiers will breech with the help of Mr Morrow this strangely throbbing and purplish barrier they will then search the castle for these crystals and THEY WILL DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO SAVE US ALL! is this UNDERSTOOD?" Morrow then cries out his strange boxes flashing madly and huge sparks of crackling energy start to leap from the metal studs along their sides "They must go now Zeal I can only hold the barrier open for a few moments!" there is a pop of displaced air and a split appears in the purple barrier" "GO GO GO!" screams Zeal and the CL.UBbers do.

+Jay Murphy​. Belated Happy Birthday!
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