Just wanted to send a quick note about the character of this team.

Yesterday Zachary Rabitoy played Paul Dear. Paul is a 62-year-old child. I’ve played him before, and that has not changed since the last time I played him however many years ago.

Paul hooked Zach. He called lets after point was over. He accused me of calling lines for Zach (which is funny because we all know Zach doesn’t need someone to make line calls for him…). I said “Nice Shot Zach” and Paul mocking said “Nice Shot Zach” back. I asked why he was so angry, and he said don’t worry about it, you’re not a psychologist. We all know I’m far from that.

Zach questioned calls appropriately. He never strayed from being a respectable tennis player. He demonstrated how to win, by doing it on the scoreboard.

There’s a trend with our group that every time there’s some sort of adversity, we always seem to do the right thing. Just wanted to say how much I respect playing with all of you. I don’t really like any of you, but I respect you all.

Reminder! Match is THIS SATURDAY. MVP Crahen. Get there at 12:30. Cool beans yo

2017 Spring/Summer Match Schedule

2/11 - 1:00 pm at MVP Crahen
2/25 - 12:00 pm home vs COE
3/11 - 10:00 am at MVP rockford
3/25 - 2:00 pm home vs norton pines
4/8 - 4:00 pm home vs MVP holland
5/6 - 12:00 pm home vs Premier 2
6/3 - 10:00 am at MSU
6/11 - 10:00 am home vs West Hills

Our first match is coming up, it is February 11th, 1:00 PM at MVP Crahen.

Here is our lineup:
1S - Austin
2S - Eric

1Dubs - Mott/Tom
2Dubs - Ronnie/Matt
3Dubs - Dan/Dave

Please arrive at 12:30...thank you!!
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