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Not quite work safe but not super bad either. Know your work group. Act accordingly. That said,

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In honor of our in game location,

Here is a little bit of mood music to get your mind in a Larana headspace!


Ive never been to Harrison Bay, and I don't see directions on the website. Is there anything I need to know or do I just Google maps Harrison Bay group camp?

IBGAs are out!

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Did I tell you guys that Dog was cursed by a Faerie Lord to forget everyone's name if he doesn't interact with them for one week and one day?

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Ok, the palms are a little "furry" but let's talk about those scale arms. Can you say dragon racial? :-)

For those of you that have pre-registered for our next game August 17-19th, you can now select your NPC shift! If you haven't pre-registered there is still plenty of time!

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How well do you know YOU? IE, how well do you know your character? Here's a nice exercise to help flesh out your character before our next game, in Larana!

It helps to know the details of a character we might not think about when donning our costumes. It helps flesh them out, and helps us with our decision making. I'm willing to share mine with any interested parties. :)

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Wizards and Tinkerers saving the planet's oceans...

Jenga Ocean is made from over 25 square feet of nets proudly sourced through Bureo's Net Positiva recycling program.
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