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Java Vs Kotlin: Read Which One Of These Can Build Better #Android #App?
Sources URL:

it is considered to #hire an #Android #developer for developing your #Android #application.

#hireAndroiddeveloper - For more details click here:

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Some cool Retrofit links

Here are some links that you may find useful when working with Retrofit

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Learning Retrofit in 3 min.

Do you use Crypto currencies in your apps for payments?

So Bitcoin has been in the news lately but there are also other crypto currencies such as ethereum and litecoin that are perhaps better suited to online payments. Have you used any of these or others maybe, to accept payment in your apps?

I'm very interested to hear your experiences in using crypto currencies for payments in your apps.

Android 7.0
Swiped on status bar to see notification.
UI got stuck for 15 seconds and then the notification slides down.
Whom to blame?

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My open source music player Timber is now out of beta and comes with lyrics and Chromecast support, Android Oreo improvements and lots of new features

Google play -

Github -

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Announcing SQLScout 3.3! Now you can execute SQL statements inside Room @Query annotations (both Java and Kotlin supported!) and more!

SQLScout is a plugin for Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA that provides support for SQLite, including:
✓ Automatic generation of Room Entity, DAO and Database classes from existing database schemas.
✓ Ability to connect to SQLite databases in Android devices and the file system
✓ Database schema explorer
✓ SQL editor (syntax highlighting, code completion, reference navigation, refactoring, etc.)
✓ Data console to view query results, edit table data, and export contents to different formats
✓ Database diagrams!
Animated Photo

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Users of Wakey - I'm thinking about changing the name from "Wakey." I'm working on a brand-new version, complete with a new design. I don't want to stray too far from what its been, but I think the bulb is a bit too... literal.

So, I'm thinking of abstractions of "bulb." What would everyone think of "Filament"?
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Keep "Wakey"
"Filament" is good
Change it, but not to "Filament"

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Top interview question OOPs Concepts explained in easy way..
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