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For all those that are working with modular projects and want to build library into one single AAR file,
don't hesitate to star this feature request for Gradle:

And a good blog article that explains why :

I see a bunch of Black dating apps on the app store, I don't see any White dating apps. I'd like to develop one to make me some Green.

I've read the Google play store TOS, I don't see any reason why there would be a problem with me doing this -- however I am also a little suspicious that there are no apps out there that market to this segment.

Do you guys think there will be a problem?

I have a layout that I want to measure, layout, then make a drawable out of.

<RelativeLayout xmlns:android=""

tools:srcCompat="@drawable/ic_cart" />

tools:text="12" />

this is the layout

val counterView = View.inflate(this, R.layout.view_toolbar_counter, null)

counterView.measure(View.MeasureSpec.makeMeasureSpec(0, View.MeasureSpec.UNSPECIFIED),
View.MeasureSpec.makeMeasureSpec(0, View.MeasureSpec.UNSPECIFIED))
counterView.layout(0, 0, counterView.measuredHeight, counterView.measuredWidth)

val bitmap = counterView.drawToBitmap()
return bitmap.toDrawable(resources)

and this is the code to make a drawable.

For some reason both the children of the RelativeLayout are drawn in the center, even tho the TextView child has it's own gravity.

What am I doing wrong? It's probably in layout but I can't find out what's going wrong.

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========= Android Studio 3.1.3 Questions ==========

Hello, dear Community,

I recently had windows 10 fail on me and lost all my files and settings including Android Studio 3.1.3. Fortunately, I had an image backup of my system from April (a few months back), and was able to recover.

In the process, I have had to re-install and re-configure my Android Studio environment. I used to be running 3.1.2 which was an awesome version of Android Studio and was quite fast at loading my project workspace, as well as doing a Gradle Build and Clean of the project whenever I needed to.

However, the new version of Android Studio (3.1.3) is exactly the opposite. It is very slow to load my workspace, and seems to take forever to do any operation.

I wanted to know if anyone else has also experienced this, and if there is a way to resolve it? I have allocated 10 GB of RAM to the Android Studio Plugin Tools and so RAM should not be the issue. My system has 24 GB of RAM total.

Thanks for any ideas. Also, I noticed that Android Studio tells me that my version of Kotlin runtime is out of date and should be updated to avoid compatibility problems (Screenshot is shown below). Does anyone know if this could be the reason why my Android Studio 3.1.3 is operating so slow? And how do I resolve this Kotlin warning message?

Kind Regards,
Alexander Madani
Developer of EZ Notes.

======== Android Studio 3.1.3 latest build =========

Hi guys, in an earlier post I mentioned that it feels to me like Android Studio 3.1.3 is running much slower than the 3.1.2 version that I used to have.

Recently, My Windows 10 development machine had crashed and I had to recover and rebuild all my files from scratch and this is why my development envrionment in Android Studio had to be updated and rebuilt to Android Studio 3.1.3

I wanted to know if there is some easy way to check/repair my installation of Android Studio 3.1.3 ? From all appearances, after the long wait times, my project loads and I am able to publish my app to my device. So my environment is functional but feels very slow and I am not sure what can be done to speed things up. I have already gone ahead inside my project and deleted the .gradle, gradle and .idea folders and went ahead and "Invalidate Caches / Restart" but it did not seem to speed things up much.

I wonder if the latest build.gradle tools (dependency) I am using should be downgraded to an earlier version.

currently I use:
does anyone here believe I should set this to be at the 3.1.2 level for better performance?

Below I list how long it takes me to accomplish certain "daily" Android Studio tasks.

It takes 1 minute 30 seconds (1:30) to load my Android Studio IDE including the project that I had last opened. So just to get into work, i have to wait about a minute and a half every time !

It takes 1 minute 47 seconds (1:47) to do a Build ==> Clean Project
It takes 3 minutes 20 seconds (3:20) to do a Build ==> Rebuild Project

And it takes about 1 minute 52 seconds (1:52) to publish my App to my Nexus 6 device.

Are the above times way above acceptable limites? What are your thoughts guys based on your own experience with Android Studio 3.1.3

Thank you

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I'm experiencing this error while installing my app on the emulator with version older than Oreo... install_parse_failed_manifest_malformed

I've seen that there is many people with this error:

the error can be solved by renaming package name with small letters instead of capital one but this is not a solution because play store will see it as a different app.

is there some smarter solution to the problem?
is this a problem that happen on emulators only or it may happen even on real phones?

For some reason I can't cache my Retrofit2 responses.
It worked in an app I've finished before, but it's not working now.

val client = OkHttpClient.Builder()
.addInterceptor {
val request = it.request()
var response: Response? = null

while (response == null) {
try {
response = it.proceed(request)
} catch (e: IOException) {
}.connectTimeout(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
.readTimeout(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
.writeTimeout(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
.cache(Cache(File(context.cacheDir, "cache"), 10 * 1024 * 1024))

Am I doing something wrong? Could it be that the API I'm using doesn't support caching?

Hey Guys , I having issue with :

constraintLayout = mView.findViewById(;

originalConstraints = new ConstraintSet();
invisibleImageConstraints = new ConstraintSet();


invisibleImageConstraints.clone(MainActivity.getCurrentMainActivity(), R.layout.listrowquestionsimageslayoutbig);


inside recyclerView ., basiclly I like to transition the layout with my viewholder..

i try to switch between : and ..

any suggestion of why it's not working?

Are apps that take Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc) forbidden by Google Play Store?

1) Am I correct in thinking that apps which take crypto payments are forbidden in the store?

2) What is the position where the purchase/payment is not made inside the app, but the information is given in the app, eg:

Send 0.5 ETH with message "abc" to address XYZ

3) And similar, but where nothing is purchased, such as "tip requests" eg:

Pls donate some bitcoin to xyz if this app helped you.

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Hello all,
did anyone know how to implement dragging listview item with dynamically option to create group/Header so I can create multiple groups and can drag a particular item on it?
Check ScreenShot where two groups are there i.e. Group and Unassigned.
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