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Create your own app play music | for beginner android developer

Android Studio 3.3 (Canary 12), using the Create Project wizard there is no option called "Activity & Fragment + ViewModel" . How do I restore this capability?

I'm playing around with the rootless pixel launcher and was wondering where the class is that makes the folder icon a circle I want to change the shape to a squacle any ideas on how to do this?

Thanks in advance

So does anyone know what class in the launcher3 source code that handles the UI when you open a folder? I want to change it to something like what evie launcher has but not exactly thank you very much!

Edit: here's what I'd like to make the open folder look like:

I started using LiveData which is binded to view using data binding. I have to initiate the request using retrofit when the button is pressed. I am using LiveDataCallAdapter with retrofit. There was an example which will explain about use of Transformation for achieving that. Is there any way to achieve this without using another livedata.

Also I want to show and hide progressbar during that api call.

Can anyone help me regarding this.

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RecycleView with multiple View types and inner horizontal RecycleView

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In this part, we learn below topics:

. Functional / UI / Espresso Unit Test Report
. Android Emulator Plugin
. Espresso Test run on local machine emulator from Jenkins
. Functional / UI / Espresso Test Coverage Report
. Email Notification integration with Jenkins
. Slack Notification integration with Jenkins
. Deliver APK using Fabric with Jenkins
. Integration between Google Play Store and Jenkins
. Creating a Google Play Service Account on Google API console
. Conversion from .keystore file to .p12 certificate
. Signed APK generation from Unsigned-Release-APK
. Deployment APK on Play Store ( Alpha, Beta, Production Channel) with Jenkins
. Auto Increment of Version Code
. Auto Tag creation of git

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FYI, if you're using the Navigation Editor and upgraded to Android Studio 3.2 Beta 1 - you'll need to manually enable it under the 'Experimental' section of Android Studio's settings.
Navigation Editor and Android Studio 3.2 Beta 1
The Navigation Editor is still experimental and is therefore disabled by default in +Android Studio 3.2 Beta 1. Re-enable it by going to the IDE 'Settings/Preferences' dialog, selecting 'Experimental' in the left pane, then 'Enable Navigation Editor'.

We're tracking updating the Navigation documentation to specifically call this out in this bug:

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Before I launch into a potential waste of time I just want to know if the scenario shown below is possible with the CoordinatorLayout.

I want to switch between major functions in the Activity via the BottomNavigationView. Each choice places a different Fragment into the FrameLayout. One of the Fragments contains a ViewPager which itself hosts multiple Fragments. One of the Fragments has a RecyclerView with a FloatingActionButton.

The question: Is there any way that I can tie the FAB (using behaviours) to the BottomNavigationView and have it hide when I scroll the RecyclerView? In addition I want to have the FAB move horizontally as views are dragged left/right in the ViewPager.

Hi, I did watched an I/O presentation about Android Things, "Build effective OEM-level apps on Android Things"(, and Dave Smith talked about split the app in multiple module, can anyone share some link on how to implement that for Android Things or something to give me a direction? I've seem many tutorials, but I'm still confused. Thank you.
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