Hello. Does anyone know how to fullscreen your sideloaded APK on ChromeOS? Currently, any APK will run with a window, not exclusively fullscreen.


Why i cant override keys (Ctrl +N ) in my android app running on chrome? Other single and modifier keys are working fine. (Ctrl + N) opens chrome's new tab.


Is there anyway to use accelerometer in sideloaded APK to ChromeOS?

I have an ASUS Chromebook Flip. I tried reading accelerometer with an HTML5 page on Chrome, and it works normally, but a sideloaded APK contained a webview with the same HTML5 page, the accelerometer reading doesn't work. I tried adding:
<uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.sensor.accelerometer" />
<uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.sensor.gyroscope" />
to the Manifest file, but no result.

Please help, thanks.


I am trying to do BLE Scan on ChromeOS from my Android App. After turning on the Location Permissions I am able to get scan results. But the Manufacturer Data is not present in the results. Any one knows why this is happening?

private ScanCallback scanCallback = new ScanCallback() {
public void onScanResult(final int callbackType, final ScanResult result) {
BluetoothDevice device = result.getDevice();
int rssi = result.getRssi();
byte[] scanRecord = result.getScanRecord().getBytes();
Map<ParcelUuid, byte[]> Uuidmap = result.getScanRecord().getServiceData();

Log.i(TAG, "onScanResult- Name: " + device.getName() + " rssi: " + result.getRssi() + " Mfg data: " + Arrays.toString(result.getScanRecord().getManufacturerSpecificData(0)));
for (Map.Entry<ParcelUuid, byte[]> entry : Uuidmap.entrySet()) {
String key = entry.getKey().toString();
byte[] value = entry.getValue();
Log.i(TAG, "UUID: " + key + " Data: " + Arrays.toString(value));
Log.i(TAG, "Data " + Arrays.toString(scanRecord));


Is there any API or workaround to determine at runtime that my android app is running inside ChromeOS?

I am trying to bring my Android app to Chromebook, however it wont resize. It just keeps showing in phone portrait. It does work fine on Tablets, any ideas?
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Did someone can run .apk on chromiumos nativly?

I'm testing a working Android app on Chromebook. Lots of UI things are working perfectly. UDP broadcast and UDP receive do not appear to work.

To investigate I have installed UDP apps from the play store and can confirm that the Chromebook can send a datagram to a fixed ip:port on an Android tablet. The Chromebook does not receive datagrams sent from the tablet to the Chromebook.

I have checked ip addresses and ports, so I guess this a firewall or forwarding issue? Any ideas on how to resolve?



Does anything need to be updated for an android app to use bluetooth on a chrome book?


How & where can I raise/discuss potential issues with Android App on ChromeOS ?

Some details - I have a Asus Chromebook Flip running Chrome OS 53.0.2773.3 dev, I have my dev setup so I connect ADB over IP to my Chromebook to install apps and get logcat etc

My application wasn't behaving correctly, and I believe I have tracked this down to the following -

My App calls

AlarmManager.setExact( AlarmManager.ELAPSED_REALTIME_WAKEUP, timeForAlarm, myIntent)

Where timeForAlarm is SystemClock.elapsedRealtime( ) + 180000 (3mins)

Where myIntent is a PendingIntent for an Intent my BroadcastReceiver is configured to receive

The issue is that my Broadcast Receiver onReceive never runs, so it appears that either the Alarm doesn't fire or doesn't call back to my Broadcast Receiver

The exact code works correctly on all other Android devices

Is there a forum / site for raising any potential issue ?
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