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Do you want to make Side Drawer or Navigation Drawer like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Play Store etc. Have a look at this link for learning about Navigation Drawer

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Friends, many of you requested to make the video tutorial on "Android Looper, Handler, and HandlerThread".
Now, it's ready, here is the link: #Mindorks #AndroidDev

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Help exporting a txt file

I have a little app that has a edit text and two buttons. The first one let's me open the build in explorer to select a .txt file which then will be displayed in the edit text. I want the second button to export the text of the edit text into a txt where you can choose the directory (second screenshot). How can I archive this?

I am still a beginner, thanks
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I'm trying to build my app, but I'm getting an error:

Cannot add task 'assembleDebug' as a task with that name already exists.

What is going on? I tried creating the project from zero, deleting gradle, nothing worked.
Other projects build with no problem, it's just this one project.

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Maybe there's more eyes here.

cc: +Ian Lake
After trying all normal possible ways to contact proper Play Store team for an important issue, all I managed to get was unrelated automated answers, issue closing and chat closing as soon as I try to explain that the issue is not what they answer about and ask why I can't have the issue escalated.
To be honest never saw such kind of support anywhere else. Seems support is back to what it was a few years ago. Even all other technical issues are no more answered and we only get a mail from time to time telling us that the issue is still here even if it's just asking a question :)

Seems support is overwhelmed and they try to drop as many things as they can at the expense of developers respect.

So like I had to do some years ago, I'm back to asking help from Yatse community, if anyone know someone working at Google that could help me talk to an actual human from Play Store Team (Or anyone else that could find the correct guy), I would gladly appreciate some help to save Yatse future.
Thanks to anyone that could help spread the word to finally pass the robot army.


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Do you wonder how to create grid like Pinintrest application? Visit to below link to learn how to create Staggered Grid Layout Manager using RecyclerView?

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Developed a movie app. Please let me know your feedback. It will be very useful for me to further develop it.

Beta version available at below link -


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[Android Store] Implementing Blur Effect in your Android App, then these libraries are for you

#AndroidDev #Android #Mindorks #library #OpenSource

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After my last post, I got a lot of people asking me how to use MVVM with a RecyclerView. I threw together some sample code. Hopefully someone here will fine it useful.
After my last post on using MVVM and Data Binding on Android[1] for form validation. I got a lot of questions about how to use RecyclerView with MVVM and Data Binding. I'm hoping to show a few techniques you can use here[2].
[1]: #mvvm #databinding #recyclerview
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