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What do I have to do to get this more options message at a normal menu? I am using the latest support library but my menu just opens at a long click.

I know I can set the item's inside a menu with its own icon and name but it's not the same.

If anyone here used Arity (or any other library for mathematical solutions), please answer this:

I'm using Arity to create a calculator app. It's working great and all (except I can't find how to use Degree instead of Radian, but not a big deal), but when the number becomes too large (18 digits) which is bigger than a Double, the number is rounded into strange numbers (123,456,789,123,456,789 becomes 123,456,789,123,456,784), I managed to solve the problem from the input side using BigDecimal, but Arity still returns a Double after solving.

Please help me solve this problem, or recommend me a library for solving mathematical equations for a Calculator (contains sin, cos, tan, and so on).

P.S: I'm using Arity cause it's what the stock calculator app was using, back when it was open-source.

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Can anyone share a tutorial of how to create a Android app using any existing library as base,
Want to use

He shared a sample app implementation using his library,

I just want to modify it further.
After google search I am getting tutorials of to add library to existing android project.

Another Nav Component question: What is the best way to handle child fragments with the NavController? I have a fragment with child fragments, and when I navigate to the parent fragment, the parent fragment then tries to navigate to one of its child fragments, but an exception is thrown because the FragmentManager is already executing transactions.

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For the people interested in wallpapers apps or icon packs 😁
New updates available for all my dashboards! πŸ˜€

What's new?
All dashboards:
- Updated dependencies
- Updated translations
- Minor performance improvements
- Updated links to my new website
- Fixed a random crashes
- Fixed certain functions not working if you changed the order of the app sections.
- Fixed icons picker not opening properly.
- Fixed contact icon disappearing after opening search in Help activity.

How to update?
Frames (2.3.8):
Kuper (1.3.3):
Blueprint (1.1.7):

Support my work:

+1s and reshares are always welcome and appreciated! 😊

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Hi everyone.. so developers how's going your days... here is my new lecture on firebase Authentication.. What really authentication is and how it works... i hope you all like it... and please don't forget to subscribe... your subscribtion helps me the most and give me your reviews if i am not doing good... hope for a better things coming up.. i am sure you will enjoy. i am excited too...

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Does the new Navigation Component handle preference screens? I've just recently started setting things up, and I have a few preference fragments whose layouts are just preference xmls and that navigate with the android pref framework and I'm not how to handle these in the navigation editor. Any pointers or tips or ideas? Thanks

====== Some EZ Development Questions please =====

Hello dear Devs,

I am going throught the process of translating my App to help more customers around the world who are not native English Speaking folks.

My App "EZ Notes" has some areas where it can provide audio feedback guidance to the user. For example, I may have a call like the following, instructing the user (by voice) to first remove their Widget from the HomeScreen.

ttsobject.speak("Remove Widget from HomeScreen ", TextToSpeech.QUEUE_FLUSH, null);

Two Questions please:

- First question is: > Let's suppose the user is in Portugal and has their device set to the Portugues language. When my App Speaks the above phrase "Remove Widget from HomeScreen", will it be spoken to them in their native Portuguese language? Or do I have to extract this string into my strings.xml file and translate it myself to Portugues, so that the read aloud will read it in their language?

- Second question is: > I have come to find that the text inside toast messages (which in my case is in English), cannot be extracted as a String Resource because the toast command gives an error. So I don't think its very easy to translate my toast messages. This is not a huge deal as I don't have a lot of toast messages, and they are not terribly critical, but I just want to confirm if anyone else here has noticed that the string for Toast Messages cannot be extracted into the strings.xml file.

Thank you guys !
It is you awesome Developers who are helping and making Android the best and strongest eco-system in the world. As a developer , I greatly appreciate this awesome community and I am very proud to be a part of it.

Alexander Madani
Developer of EZ Notes

Seems like WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) was removed from the system in the current Android P Beta. Is this intended? What about the future of WPS in Android?
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