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Hi all, i am try to create view which has fixed content in top and bottom of the page but scrollable in middle, which i try achieve the same my botoom content is not showing up if the scroll has more info.. can someone suggest how to handle this

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A simple library to display dialogs and dialog fragments on Android 14+ (ICS or above) devices.

It is a sub-package of #DynamicSupport (a complete library) which will be available soon.

the following is the error when i open AndroidStudio ..

LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed for the application /Applications/Android with error -10810.

please can anyone tell me what can be done??

the studio is not opening at all

Hi Everyone. I need help to plot SVG overlay over skobbler map with zoom in & out support. unfortunately Skobbler not support vector overlay like google do in ground layer. Please help me out.

Please help!
Am trying to add admob ads into an app. I have followed the guidelines on google dev site to implement NATIVE EXPRESS. No errors, but no ads are showing. Test ads are not also showing!.

Please help!

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This might be a dumb question to ask but how to make buttons have this circular shadow while pressing on them

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What do you guys think of these?
+Ian Lake .

is the idea to still use onSavedInstanceState, and/or to just let it come from persistent storage in that situation...

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Hi guys!
Recently I'm trying to test the Downloadable Fonts feature on Android O. So I use Android Studio Beta 2, goes to textView, find fontFamily and select downloaable fonts, such as Alex Brush (and also the method of dragging tff files to self-created Font folder and call it in textView). But when I try to run it on my device running Android O Beta too, it gives errors, which I forgot already. So I decided to forget it for a while, and I went to delete back Font folder that I created and anything that Font related folder such as array.xml in values folder. I synced and it gives more errors. one of them are, as in the screenhsshot below. Then I decided not to compile with SDK 26 just yet, I downgrade it to 25, buildToolsVersion 25.0.3, and targetVersion also 25. all libraries also in sdk 25.
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