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An experiment which I have started almost 2 years ago is now in its most stable state. A library to build #Android apps with a fully customizable theme engine #DynamicTheme #DynamicSupport

Please try and help to make it better.

In my app I'm using both dark and light themes, and my app has a splashscreen set as a background

<layer-list xmlns:android=""
<item android:drawable="@color/background" />
android:src="@mipmap/icon" />

The background is the same in light and dark, only difference is the @color/background color.

I'm setting the night mode in my Application class.
AppCompatDelegate.setDefaultNightMode(if (NIGHT_MODE) MODE_NIGHT_YES else MODE_NIGHT_NO)

As you'd know, the Application class is called after the app starts, so the splashscreen shows before the night mode is enabled.

What is the right way to make the splashscreen different between light and dark modes?

Hello guys?
I'm trying to start a service but it crashes on Android 8.1

ContextCompat.startForegroundService(context, new Intent(context, OyaPayMerchantService.class));

private synchronized void notifyForeGround() {
NotificationManager notificationManager = (NotificationManager)getSystemService(NOTIFICATION_SERVICE);
NotificationChannel notificationChannel = new NotificationChannel(NOTIFICATION_CHANNEL_ID, "POS Service",
notificationChannel.setDescription("Channel for POS Service");
NotificationCompat.Builder builder = new NotificationCompat.Builder(this, NOTIFICATION_CHANNEL_ID)
.setContentText("Service Running")
.setContentIntent(PendingIntent.getActivity(this, 0, MainActivity.getStartIntent(this, false),

but I keep getting this error

Fatal Exception:
Bad notification for startForeground: java.lang.RuntimeException: invalid channel for service notification: Notification(channel=null pri=0 contentView=null vibrate=null sound=null defaults=0x0 flags=0x40 color=0x00000000 number=0 vis=PRIVATE semFlags=0x0 semPriority=0 semMissedCount=0)

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In my app I have a recycler view with the option to switch from list view to grid view. The list is rows while the grid is a different layout with grids.

The way I did it is by using 2 different fragments with one having the list, and fhe other having the grid. I know this isn't very well, but it did work.

Now I'm trying to fix this problem. But what is the best way to do this without doing too much work?

I'm thinking about making all the changes in the RecyclerView since most of the changes run there (padding, Layout manager or column count) while the adapter is only notified about changed to it's ViewHolder.

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Android Dev Tools 3.3.0 is online now, You can download it from Google play.

1. File Manager support to last directory via back key
2. File Manager support show file size
3. File Manager support copy directory path and open via other file manager menu
4. Add tips for Apps those use Android App Bundles or Instant Run that Cause Manifest not complete
5. File Manager new style and modify some tips
6. Fix media permission crash on Android 8.1
7. Fix some file cannot view and share bug
8. Fix some empty value cannot show bug of Manifest
9. Fix some other crash
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This article describes how to prepopulate Room database with a small data set when you need to prefill your app with some data on its first launch.

Hi All,

I'm currently conflicted over what would be the advantage (if any) to develop an app using React Native as oppose to Android native.
My company is web development oriented and is only now that a new team of mobile developers is in place. The app is for internal purposes, the app owner is front end developer therefore React Native is very appealing to him and his team. However, I do not know anything about that technology, (except that it allows Java-script integration with Android and IOs.
So here are my questions:
For a medium complexity app. i.e. database management, cloud connection, multiple Activities and Fragments,...
1)What would be the React Native advantages (if any) in contrast to Android development.
2)Would Android functionalities need to be compromised for the sake or inline JavaScript?
3) How well an app build in React Native would evolve in the long run?

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Holiday promotion!

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SQLScout is a plugin for Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA that provides support for SQLite, including:
✓ Automatic generation of Room Entity, DAO and Database classes from existing database schemas.
✓ Ability to connect to SQLite databases in Android devices and the file system
✓ Database schema explorer
✓ SQL editor (syntax highlighting, code completion, reference navigation, refactoring, etc.)
✓ Data console to view query results, edit table data, and export contents to different formats
✓ Database diagrams!
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