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Ian Lake

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Community Guidelines
Welcome to the official Android Development community on Google+. This community is a place where all Android developers can help one another, share resources, and make us all better developers.

However, that means that this is not the appropriate place for certain types of posts:
- Spam
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- Promotional posts
- ROM, theme, and icon pack development
- Posts about new devices, system updates, rooting devices, etc
- Posts without any text
Posts of this nature may be removed without warning or result in being banned from the community.

In addition, there are a number of other official communities for certain topics:
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Here’s an overview of some of the specific categories available:

Help Center
Running into issues? Here’s where to post. If you’re having implementation problems, consider posting a link to a question with your code and any logcat errors. If you’re trying to find the right approach to a problem, consider searching for resources first: you’ll be a lot more successful saying “I’m looking at library Y to implement Z in my app. Is that the best way to do it?’ compared to “How do I do Z?”

Development Patterns
The various APIs give you the building blocks you need to build awesome apps. Development patterns are the instructions on how to assemble those building blocks. Guides, tips, and gotchas all belong here!

Tools and Libraries
Have a favorite tool or library that has saved you time and effort? Share it with the community!

Open Source Apps
One of the only things better than finding an awesome interaction pattern or functionality in an app is finding out exactly how they did it. Make sure you include a link to the source code when posting your favorite open source apps here.

Vincent Huang

General Discussion  - 
Hello, Does anybody know what is "ABS doze mode"? Is ABS meaning "absolute"? Thanks.
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Jo Rog

Help Center  - 
I have an app in the Play Store for years. It is always listed in the top 10 if I search with keywords. Today, I searched my app as usual but to find that my app has disappeared from the search results in the Google Play app on my phone. However, if I search with the same keywords it shows in the results in the play store web site, both on my phone and on a computer. My app is still available in the Play Store app if I search the full app name. Also, I can see my app listed if I browse the categories in the Play Store app on my phone. It's just not showing up in the keywords search. Not sure when this started, but I was able to see my app in the search results in Play Store app in the weekend. Any ideas on what's going on? Thanks.
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Jo Rog
+Daryl Reeves I checked my app around that time also this morning!!
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Bruno Zaranza

Help Center  - 
I am implementing a Widget (Home Screen) and I want animate the refresh button. When it clicked, I need to give feedback to the user to warn that the widget is being updated, the ideal would be to rotate the button while updates, similar to what happens in the Yahoo! Weather Widget. Can anyone help?
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+Mike Wolfson​. I agree with u. Progress bar should do d work. 
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Create emulated sd card

For testing my apps on my own device (a samsung s6) I want to create a virtual sd card.

Does anyone know if this is possible and how? 
MFlisar Development's profile photoOluwatobi Akinpelu's profile photo
+MFlisar Development​. Am not sure that's possible. Internal is built internal. By yet impossible is just a word. It might be possible to do d hack, bt I don't know how to presently 
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Frederico Braga

Help Center  - 
Hi guys,

I am developing an Android app that needs to scan , save , compare and show an image of the users fingerprint. Is this possible with the fingerprint api or should I look for an external hardware and API? any suggestions?

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The Fingerprint API doesn't take a picture of your finger, not does it offer any way to distinguish fingers. You'd need to use something else.
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Paul Danyliuk

Tools and Libraries  - 
Rhythm v0.9.6

Hi, I just rolled a new update to my Rhythm library. Although it's still an unstable version, this is a milestone release that marks a change in the library's mission. From now on, Rhythm doesn't try to be a keyline tool itself (there's Material Cue [1] for that) — instead it will focus on being the swiftest and smartest design overlay rendering engine.

Release highlights
• The library is now split in two parts, separating reusable core from all that legacy in-app notification control mechanism.
Variable support! This one is huge!
• A new columns layer for rendering overlays for responsive UI grids.
ratio-keyline has been experimentally backported from Material Cue.
• Significant inner refactoring and bugfixes.
Docs are getting much better!

Get it here:

Also stay tuned for Material Cue update later this week, with all new Rhythm goodness, custom overlays going totally free, and exciting overlay editor improvements [2].

Rhythm vs Material Cue: [3]

[1] -
[2] -
[3] -
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+kevin le perf But the panel will also hide a piece of UI, and be far less discoverable. The flow is the same: swipe the notification drawer down, tip-tap, then swipe up.

This said, I'm actually putting this thought into consideration, but with the direction I want mcue to take (free tool for casual keyline checking / pro tool for developers with optimized workflow), I'd rather put effort into AS integration and autoswitching/selecting, coding and sending overlays from AS/and there I spoiled my plans for 1.0...
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Jarry Doestein

Help Center  - 
Hi all,

I am looking to customize the actionbar overflow menu, I am pretty sure there is a way to customize it but am unable to find good resources/examples on how to do so. If anybody can have some references that could help me would be great. Thanks in advance.

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kind of app bar dropdown menu
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Alvar Lagerlof

Tools and Libraries  - 
How do I set the peek height of my BottomSheetDialogFragment?

The peek height right now is really bad, I can scroll a litlle bit, but to little (Look at the images).

I need to use either BottomSheetDialog och BottomSheetDialogFragment because i need the Dark background.
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You can do it as part of your theme:
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Sittiphol Phanvilai

Tools and Libraries  - 
Eliminate all findViewById boilerplate codes and replace it with just a single line of code no matter how many Views you have in the layout.

Goodbye findViewById. We will miss you. And Long Live Data Binding Library !

#android #androiddev
findViewById is one of the most annoying boilerplate code in Android application development. This part of code unnecessarily requires bunch of line of codes and can easily cause an expected beha
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About this community

Welcome to the official Android Development community. This community is a place where all Android developers can help one another, share resources, and make us all better developers. Please read the community guidelines before posting:

Sanjay Bhowmick

Help Center  - 
I tried to install cordova and android sdk in my linux mint computers for the last few months but all my attempt did not succeed. I followed lots of guide and documentation but nothing worked. Every time it shows errors while run cordova like permission issues,SPAWN ACCESS error, or ANDROID_HOME path is not found, SDK is not found while I set all the variables properly in .bashrc file. Please help me providing any simple guide to achieve this. 
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ArgbEvaluator not implementing TypeEvaluator<Integer>

While browsing through the AOSP source code, I went to the ArgbEvaluator class [1]. Is there any reason for which it implements the TypeEvaluator interface (without generics) ?

This could eventually lead to some ClassCastExceptions when using it in an application (since there are currently no checks at compile time), so I was curious to know if there was any special reason for which the ArgbEvalutor doesn't implement TypeEvaluator<Integer>, or if this was a small API issue.

[1] :

I created a feature request with the id #214546.
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Generics are a compile-time only check, so you wouldn't get any runtime errors just by leaving out the template class.

Search for type erasure in Java for more details on generics.

With that said, I wouldn't be against you putting in a feature request to fix this at
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Hi , I am trying to reference an element in a list , when including a layout, using the databinding api , but no luck. Here is the stackoverflow post . Any help would be appreciated.
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Marco Marcellis

Development Patterns  - 
I am confused about MVC within Android. I have read so many different stories. What exactly does MVC mean in Android?
Christophe Beyls's profile photoDavy Leggieri's profile photo
There is no MVC provided by the Android SDK. It's up to you to come up with the paradigm that you want. If you want to give a shot to MVC then you can find some sample code on github. Once again, as their is no MVC provided by Android SDK you will find multiple ways to implement MVC in Android.
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Marlon José López Meza

Tools and Libraries  - 
Some thoughts about developing an android library ...

For a long two weeks ago, i started to organize some of the features that i’ve used on many applications, mobile, web, desktop, any of them…
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Rafał Pawlak

Help Center  - 
Hi guys I run into a troible some time ago I started to port project game to android. I am having issue with libcurl linking which doesn't want to link itself even with -lcurl option set. More information is in link bellow.
Thanks for help in advice..
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Chris Parbey

Development Patterns  - 
Android Audio Recording app development
Material Record A simple app to record audio using our smartphones Time spent : 4 days Language : Java (Android SDK) using Android Studio A project for fun but also professional. Feedbacks in the chat box are welcomed ;)
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William J Plaud

Help Center  - 
Good morning all,

In the java field for android development, I usually run into a problem when I have "findViewbyId(" the R is red (invalid and needs to be resolved), I just don't know what is the problem.

Do anyone have this problem and know how to solve it?

Thank you!
William J Plaud's profile photoOluwatobi Akinpelu's profile photo
Lots of things can cause this.
1. Failed grade build.
2.xml layout error.
3. Need to manually import the R.
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Shirish Kulkarni

Help Center  - 
I am new to android app development.
I am doing an app which upload a word,excel,pdf file to sever but from internal and external storage i cant get a file uri in my onActivityResult(). Is there any additional permission for that.? I using Android Marshmallow.
Oluwatobi Akinpelu's profile photo
Yes of course... U need permission to access external storage. Check out. <uses-permission>. Add me on hangout if u nid Any further assistance 
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Joshua Chenault

Help Center  - 
Hello I'm looking at getting into Android app development. I have experience in electrical engineering and HMI development. I would guess that they are similar in coding and development, but I could be wrong.

I am looking for some help getting started.

Are there any free development software I can use? I'm not creating a business here so I'm not looking to spend big bucks on this thing. What are all the pieces that go into development? IDE? C#? Emulators? Licences?

Are there tutorials online for basic development tools, libraries, tips, etc?

Should I buy an old refurbished phone to do testing on?

Are there studies out there about what people want from their apps/games? So I'm not wasting time developing crap.

Do I need to have a server setup in my basement for running p2p multiplayer type games?

Oluwatobi Akinpelu's profile photo
All u nid is the passion, endurance, a laptop, Google, lots of stack overflow, an android beginners book and tutorial videos available on YouTube. +slidenerd​ is good at that. Add me up if u nid assistance 
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