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Ian Lake

Meta  - 
Community Guidelines
Welcome to the official Android Development community on Google+. This community is a place where all Android developers can help one another, share resources, and make us all better developers.

However, that means that this is not the appropriate place for certain types of posts:
- Spam
- Soliciting
- Recruiting
- Promotional posts
- ROM, theme, and icon pack development
- Posts about new devices, system updates, rooting devices, etc
- Posts without any text
Posts of this nature may be removed without warning or result in being banned from the community.

In addition, there are a number of other official communities for certain topics:
Android Studio:
Developer Tools (Gradle, ProGuard, etc):
Android M Developer Preview:
Android Wear:
Android TV:
Android Auto:
Google Cast:
Google Fit:

Here’s an overview of some of the specific categories available:

Help Center
Running into issues? Here’s where to post. If you’re having implementation problems, consider posting a link to a question with your code and any logcat errors. If you’re trying to find the right approach to a problem, consider searching for resources first: you’ll be a lot more successful saying “I’m looking at library Y to implement Z in my app. Is that the best way to do it?’ compared to “How do I do Z?”

Development Patterns
The various APIs give you the building blocks you need to build awesome apps. Development patterns are the instructions on how to assemble those building blocks. Guides, tips, and gotchas all belong here!

Tools and Libraries
Have a favorite tool or library that has saved you time and effort? Share it with the community!

Open Source Apps
One of the only things better than finding an awesome interaction pattern or functionality in an app is finding out exactly how they did it. Make sure you include a link to the source code when posting your favorite open source apps here.
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Zero Pi

General Discussion  - 
Hi guys.
I want to know how to write animation an object(pictures) to any position on canvas?

Example: throw the ball to the air.

Please, give me some suggestions.
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Quick example of translation:

View ball = findViewById(;
int activityWidth = getWidth();
if (ball != null && activityWidth/2 > ball.getX()) {
int fromXd = 0;
int toXd = activityWidth/2 - ball.getX();
int fromYd = 0;
int toYd = -ball.getY();
TranslateAnimation ballAnim = new TranslateAnimation(fromXd, toXd, fromYd, toYd);
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Sterling Udell

Development Patterns  - 
I had a couple of questions for +Joanna Smith after her session on Marshmallow’s Doze Mode and App Standby at the #androidevsummit, and she asked me to post them for future reference. Here’s #2:

Marshmallow will put an app into Standby when it hasn’t been used in a few days, where being used basically means a foreground process or notification. The question is, what about background processes that are nonetheless visible to the user?

Specific examples include appwidgets and live wallpapers. Both of these processes may well run entirely in the background, but are very visible, and will be broken if they’re stopped by the system. And there are probably other cases - as with my first question, Android Wear comes to mind - but let’s start by getting answers about these two.

Join us for 2 days of deep technical sessions...
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Larry Akah

Tools and Libraries  - 
Are there any tools one can use to optimise images fit background use like in splash screens?
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Use an image view with this attribute:
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Brett Koger

General Discussion  - 
What is the best books for getting started with Android Development?
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+Brett Koger I started with "Java in 24 Hours", it got me going and I've read many, many books on Java and Android since.

Have a look here, there are also plenty of Java books -
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Damodar Periwal

Tools and Libraries  - 
It was a great experience talking to Android enthusiasts at GDG DevFest 2015 Silicon Valley ( last week about JDXA, The KISS ORM for Android. Here is a link to my slides. You may get more information and a free trial version of JDXA ORM at 
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Nullgrad Apps

Help Center  - 
Detecting Lockscreen Camera is on?

With a BroadcastReceiver I'm monitoring SCREEN_ON/OFF and USER_PRESENT events. I've noticed that when the user selects the lockscreen camera, I'm getting an USER_PRESENT event just like when there is a real log-in. Can I somehow determine that the camera has been launched? 
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David Pacioianu

Tools and Libraries  - 
I have just backported Nick Butcher's InkPageIndicator and got it working for Android back to API 16.
It is also available on jcenter.

Feel free to report any issue and to contribute to it.
InkPageIndicator created by @nickbutcher for Plaid and backported by me for API 16+ (4.1+)
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Not that I don't appreciate the effort, just my opinion on that indicator in general. It's a small nifty eye candy that has near to zero meaning (doesn't convey any UI/UX metaphor) while being non-trivial to implement. Or, simply put, effort to code >> usefulness.
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Tobias Preuss

Open Source Apps  - 
WhereWhat - An Android Wear app

Within the last three days +mister ligi and I created an Android Wear app which allows to find amenities nearby. The data is loaded from #OpenStreetMap.

+ Sources:
+ Slides:

Overpass Java library

We further created a Java library named "Overpass" which loads and parses the geospatial data from OpenStreetMap:

+ Sources:

#wherecamp #openstreetmap #androidwear +WhereCamp Berlin
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Nuwan Thisara

General Discussion  - 
I have a zip file with lollipop fonts, I want to flash them to my phone without rooting. Is there a method? I mean in fastboot mode. I don't want to flash a recovery because OTA updates are coming.. 
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+Nuwan Thisara​ what phone?
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kristian leite

Help Center  - 
hey guys can some of you please tell me how you learned android studio.
Possibly recommend a book or something?
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Anton H
Dont trust too much in books. Android is so young and rapidly developing in order to write a book that is valid in the next 6 months. Get a book to learn the basics then resort to the docs and SO.
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vidit mathur

Help Center  - 
I have to design a search functionality for my app where the data is present in an external database and data is static , i would like to know which is a better way to do it? should i store data in an sqlite database first and then just query it or should I query the mysql database every time users enter a search string , the data also has images . And as the search will be performed many times should i use volley or asynctask  for online interactions?
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Thank you very much
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Larry Schiefer

Tools and Libraries  - 
Just pushed up an initial version of an Android permissions helper library, Andele:  It has also been published on jcenter, so it can be pulled in via compile dependency.  It has a couple of TODO items in it, mostly around UX, but it is functional.  Comments/feedback and PRs welcome.
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About this community

Welcome to the official Android Development community. This community is a place where all Android developers can help one another, share resources, and make us all better developers. Please read the community guidelines before posting:

Kevin Sheppard

General Discussion  - 
One step closer to the dreamy workflow of web development with Chrome workspaces. Good job, team!
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Marlon Jones

Help Center  - 
Is it possible to add in a feedback page similar to this? I've seen many Google apps use this. 
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Nvm found it even though it was titled differently :)
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Michele Lacorte

Tools and Libraries  - 
See my next Android Project on GitHub!!
SwipeableCard - A simple implementation of swipe card like StreetView
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I have not yet published I'm finishing things, in fact it says coming soon, stay tuned! +Paul Danyliuk 
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Black text in tab titles using TabLayout? This seems like a bug in the design support library, right? It only happens in old Android (this screenshot is from 2.3 under the emulator). I've reported this as but I post here in case this is not a bug and I'm doing something wrong.. =)
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Maybe it was that. Anyway, I've fixed it adding:


to the TabLayout.
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shaveen gajaananan

Open Source Apps  - 
I am working on an android app and i faced a error called launcher activity activity not found.

Can Someone pls tell me what the heck this is and how do i fix it?
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i did,,,,,,,,,,i think there is something wrong with my second activity.
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Mete Polat

General Discussion  - 
Does someone know what happened with the official "Android Design Development" community (not quite sure if this was the actually name)? It was a really good community for inspiration but know it seems like it doesn't exist anymore. This community can't be a replacement because the community guidelines here doesn't allow to share parts of it's own app because it also has a promotional part.
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OK thank you guys
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Matt Clarke

Tools and Libraries  - 
GraphQl sounds awesome - no more multiple round-trips, over-fetching and client-side parsing/merging logic to get data in a form suitable for your mobile UI
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