+VictoriaDrawingGaming Wanna rp I'll be Sunpaw and you be.....I forgot his name....but he's the Medinces Cat Apprentice

(Uh....I hate this cat I made)
Name- Galaxy
Gender- Tom
Fur Color- Blue gray
Eyes color- Blue
Clan- Riverclan (Sunpaws Brother)
Personality- Handsom, evil, ambition, happy, annoying, rude and insecure and lonely.
Late-night Looking for one, too kill someone probably...

Anyone wanna rp, I'll be Sunpaw or Swantsar and I guess....Galaxy....
+Steven Universe +StevenUniverseGeekgirl

Name: Sunpaw
Gender: She cat
Rank: Used too be the Medicines cats Apprentice, but was moved to a regular Apprentice.
Fur: yellow and some orange
Personality: Shy, Parents dead, has one friend Darkheart, ambitious, fun when you get to know the real her, hidden under a mask of the real her.
She has a Brother.

Name: Starlight (dead)
Rank: Starclan
Clan: Thunderclan
Purple body, with yellow on paws and tail. Yellow eyes.

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Name: Shadowlight (first one)
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Warrior
Clan: Flower Clan
Body Color: Blue-gray, light face,dark around the eyes,mixture of dark gray, a little of white/gray on paws and tail. A little of gray on her neck.
Eyes: Blue

Mom: Diamond (used to be a Kittypet and lived with her Dad)
(White fur and yellow eyes)

Dad: Dusty (lived with her Mother has a Kittypet)
(Black, with dark gray/blue stripes)
(Dark blue eyes)

Name: Willowash
Gender: Tom
Rank: Deputy
Clan: Windclan
Body Color: orange with a little of gray on his ears.
Eyes: Grennish/ Blue.

(Adding Lost Moon and Sanglantfur!!)
Name: Lost Moon
Gender: She
Looks: Blue-gray, Ginger on her paws, yellow eyes
Crush: Sanglantfur
Rank: Apprentice

Name: Sanglantfur
Gender: Tom
Looks: Ginger, brown ears and tail, green eyes
Crush: Lost Moon
Rank: Warrior

Name: Shadepaw
Gender: Tom
Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Looks: Crow Black, gray stripes, orange eyes. He has a scar on his left ear
Mother: Open
Father: Open

His only friend is Lost Moon. Anyone, mate or not, can be his mum, even though He's an app.

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Stonefur x Swanstar
(Sorry it's backwards! 😰)

Anyone wanna RP? Please? I wanna use Lost Moon and Sanglantfur. Anyone can RP with me :D
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