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"Sometimes death is a new beginning"
Name: Princess Kavita Shaninta
Age:  She will stay 17 forever, for she was killed than
What species are you: Ghost or spirit
Fighting skills: Kavita really doesn't like to fight, for violence was what killed her, but if she needs too this is what she knows: short swords and a bow/ helping souls, collecting them, can be either seen or not seen and knowing the color of your soul
Interests: What the different colors of a person's soul means and to find out about the worlds that are beyond her reach
Traits: playing with her hair or playing with her key necklace
Name of Kingdom: Soulitna
Relationship Status: Single
Name of Castle: Shaninta Palace
Wealth: Kavita herself doesn't have much wealth, but the royal family who took her in have a lot of wealth
Do you have kids: If anyone could fall in love with a spirit, she would love to have kids
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Name: Azrael Haven

Nickname: Azra

Age: 17

Height: 5'8"

Species:  Nephilim

Fighting skills: Hand-to-hand, Jujitsu, Sword play, weapons training

Preferred weapon: You know Gambit from X-men right? That's basically her thing, but it also includes different magic spells for each card she uses.
Basic Info on Cards:
Hearts~ Fire based spells
Spades~ Water based spells
Diamonds~ Earth based spells
Clubs~ Air based spells

Interests: Music, story's, new people, card games, pretending she's a commoner

Traits: She's pretty awesome and fun to be around, but she's also stubborn and hot headed who can sometimes get a little too cocky when she's winning.

Name of Kingdom: Astailiya

Relationship Status: Single

Name of Castle: Cloveshire

Wealth: Her family is very wealthy
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