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The Guild - Fire Fox
Chapter 1: "The Counter Attacks" Part -1
+Juvia Lockser 

"Hurry everyone! RUN TO MY LEFT NOW!!" said Mavis, in a very tensed voice. "Evergreen please guide them", "Yes Captain!" Evergreen Replied.

There was a rush of people, when suddenly, another explosion took place. "We've to get them in shelter now!! Take them to the caves Evergreen!!" Mavis ordered Evergreen. "Aye Sir!" Evergreen replied. All that  could be only heard were screams, and frighting voices of people terrified with fear.

There was a total chaos in order. Nobody wanted to co-operate, they just wanted to survive. "Captain, I'll go check if there are any attacks taking place nearby" Azuza demanded, as if she really wanted to escape the big mess. "Alright! Niall, go accompany her and be back before its dark! Things aren't safe here..." Mavis replied. "Aye SIR!" Both, Azuza and Niall replied and made their way through the crowd.

"Mavis! MAVIS!!" Evergreen screeched as if seen a deadly sight. "What's it?" Mavis ran to her, as he too stood in shock... "Well... do you know who she is?" Mavis asked Evergreen, as he patted her back trying to clam her down. "No.. I don't... Just saw her fainted here" Evergreen replied, not ready to be calmed. "Can't we just help her Mavis? just heal her and send her back from where she belongs? or maybe she could be a mage too! we could let her join us, and she'd be a big help to us! what do you say Mavis?" Evergreen demanded "We can't just let the poor girl suffer, right mavis? she may lose her life in this battle!", "But what if she's from the enemy side? and they send her here to spy us?" Mavis replied, Curious to know who she was.

"Evergreen, please try to understand. It just can be more dangerous..." Mavis replied in an odd tone. "But.. Ma-Mavis!! I-I ju-just can't le-let the poor gi-girl die... It would b-be to-totally ou-our fa-fault!! We're he-helping her! and that's my FINAL word!!" Replied Evergreen, as her blood boiled with anger. "OK! OK! I get you.. we'll take her along, but believe me, its still very dangerous.."Mavis replied as he picked up the girl and carried her on his back. 

They both, followed the crowd and reached the caves. ''Calm down ever body! we'll soon find a solution to this.",Mavis said as he tried calming the guild members. "But how long Mavis? How long? we are losing mages every minute! we must stop this... we already lost many lives!!" Yukia said, and discovered the truth. "I know, but we just can't help it" Mavis replied, as he placed the girl down on the floor. 

~Sorry guys, I didn't really had much time, so i could only post Part-1, But Part-2 will surely be soon released. Thanks for reading and i hope you liked this chapter as well as the series i'll release soon. Once again Thx for reading and comment ur thoughts below.. =)~

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Ok, this is one of the main Member of The Guild:
Name: Ultear Lily
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Magic: Dark Magic and Ghost Balls Slayer
The Position: S-Class Wizard
Likes: Chocolate.
Dislikes: Maids behind him.
Personality: Kind and cheerful, fully excited and over-confident always.
Short History: Was part of Fire Fox, Left due to other reasons, left the leadership under Mavis Dreyar.

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Name: Dachiha
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Specialty: Free Running
Power: Earth
Abilities: Quick speed (Teleporting!), Jump increase lvl 4 , sprint increase lvl 3.
Likes: Girls, Pizza and Parkouring.
Dislikes: Dragons and Rival Clan (Underworld Guild!)

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Anybody ready for a battle yet? come battle me...
 iam a Water DragonSlayer.. 

OK GUYS... Now i wanna let you know, why i made this community...
This community is only for Mages...
So... you post the type of Mage you are according the cater gory given below:
5Your Position in this Guild  (s-class, a-class, b-class, c-class)
6Your Likes
7Your Dislikes
10Your Past in Short
Hope you enjoy being a Mage in this community, because we will have battles, training, chapters, and loads of fun! so see you soon with your mage ready...                                                                                                                     ~Misaki K

Rules for the battles:
1) Each player will battle against the other, either a practice one or real one.
2) Each person has a time limit to attack with their powers, 5 minutes for each candidate.
3) Each person has to attack with block letters,
for example: wrong way: haha i attack u with Water Punch!
                            right way: haha i attack u with Water Punch!
4) Each opponent needs to know the other well for a smooth battle.
5) No cheating and abusing your opponent during the battle.
6) Winning each battle, u win energy points, and winning each battle, 5 points will be added to the score board of the of the particular opponent.
7) Every 5 points lead you to the upper post.
(c-class=100 points, b-class=200 points,a-class=300 points, s-class=500 points, SS-class=1000 Points...)
8) At the Grand Games, each member of the community will be put in different guilds according to their battle and energy status.
9) In specific powerful battles, don't not kill the opponent. just the opponent needs to say i give up in bold writing. if attacked even after saying i give up 3 points deducted and zero for the current battle.
10) and only 3 SS -class wizards and 9 s-class wizards will be chosen.
Play on! and good luck!

can someone answer the questions on my earlier post?

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What is we do (ie role play, post random, etc)?
Can I share the community and invite people?

thank you for invite
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