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Scp Foundation agents and staff profile template
Nickname (if agent or researcher)
Scp level clearance
Scp rank ( for agents and staff as well as researchers as well.)
How did you lean about the foundation (optional.)
Which scp's you specialise in (safe, Euclid or keater.)
Aprencitce( optional if you want to do that as well as a pic.)
Bio ( be as descriptive and as in depth as you can.)

SCP-68213 (The number was chosen by the SCP for unknown reasons)
nickname: The Shapeshifter
Age: Unknown
Gender: unknown
Class: Euclid

Containment procedures: SCP-68213 is contained in site [REDACTED] in a 15'x20' room with several species of insect ready to be put into the room if needed. other than this the room has 20" cement walls. SCP-68213 is to have access to a multitude of game consoles as to ensure it does not become bored.

Description: SCP-68213 appears to be a male teenager, however it has been seen in different forms while trying to escape. SCP-68213 has attempted to escape containment [REDACTED] using a multitude of powers and abilities, always returning to its cell after around 30 minutes on its own. The abilities appear to be different depending on which form the SCP takes. The forms that SCP-68213 takes are usually its teenage male form, a multi-eyed giant monster, a demonic angel-like creature, and what appears to be a female version of its male teenage form, however other forms have been seen but never as much. current theories as to why is those forms take more energy for the SCP to maintain. SCP-68213 was originally thought to be unintelligent, but has shown to be far more intelligent than most personnel, outsmarting most of them in questioning. SCP-68213 acts like a child when attempting to escape, calling it fun. SCP-68213 has shown no fear to anything except insects. upon seeing insects SCP-68213 will go into a state of panic and attempt to hide from them. if there is nowhere to hide then SCP-68213 will curl into a ball and start to cry. This is the only scenario where SCP-68213 has shown any sign of weakness as all weapons used against it have little to no effect. SCP-68213 also has show to posses knowledge of more than it should, often talking highly of SCP-682 saying that it agrees with the other SCP's ideals and ideas. SCP-68213 was captured east of [REDACTED] at approximately [REDACTED]. The SCP came without any struggle. the full reasons as to why are unknown.

Interview 1
Questioner: so what is your name?
SCP-68213: I see no reason to tell you that. even if I did you would still refer to me as SCP-68213 right?
Questioner: y-yes but-
SCP-68213: then it is irrelevant. next question.
Questioner: very well... why do you return to your containment cell on your own?
SCP-68213: It isn't fun anymore. when a child crushes ants they will get bored after a while. after that they return to their home. Now this isn't my home but if I tried to go back to my real home you would just "capture" me again.
Questioner: why do you only harm the personal above the D ranked.
SCP-68213: Unlike SCP-682 I do have some morals about humans. why harm the prisoners if I am a prisoner myself? their fear... I can feel it. I don't want to make them hurt. instead I make the ones who are keeping up both prisoner. but if need be I kill them too. I just haven't needed to yet.
Questioner: you mentioned SCP-682. You have never been brought anywhere near it. how do you know its morals?
SCP-68213: we have met before. before that day I somewhat liked humans. but it showed me what scum you humans are. I still have pity on some of you but the majority are pure trash.
Questioner: what did he tell you?
SCP-68213: silence next question.
Questioner: why are you so scared of insects?
SCP-68213: they are almost as bad as humans. but they show their true nature on the outside. They outnumber you on this planet. and they are everywhere. the fact you use them to contain me just makes me hate your kind more.
Questioner: alright... next question. what is your true form?
SCP-68213: well honestly I don't have one but if your talking about the form I am in most then you are looking at it. In fact I met SCP-682 because he tried to kill me once. the pain was incredible. what a rush! I told him I wasn't human and after a bit we became allies. he was the first thing that could hurt me in a long time. not sure if he could kill me but... he did rip my arm off.
Questioner: that is going off to-
SCP-68213: off topic? I thought you were more interested about my relationship with SCP-682. also before you go off with what I just said I'm saying him because its easier to say than it and they. more natural.
Questioner: how did you-
SCP-68213: I know a lot. I've lived longer than you know. I see patterns.
Questioner: alright then. next que-
SCP-68213: I'm bored now. get out of here before I squish you.
Questioner: we aren't done here.
SCP-68213: I... said... get... out.... before... I... squish... you... unless you want to be my next form of entertainment?
Questioner: SCP-68213 has become more hostile, do not enter the containment area for the rest of the day.
Interview over

Name: Scarecrow
Nickname: Protype
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: N/A
Clearance Level: 5
Rank: Keter
Bio: I was sent to the SCP Foundation but one of the guards say I'm not a Class D but they decided to let me help them out with small or big problems like when an SCP escapes and it's my job to avoid them without getting hurt or killed. I'm also the one who avoids SCP 049 ( I recently call him Chicken Doctor ) yet I scream like a crazy manchild at times. As a protype I have 4 partners, Jordan who's also a Scarecrow along with Kevin & Mike they're my three kids, and finally Mr Freeze the 44 year old survivor proves himself how strong he truly is throughout the universe.

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Name: Devourer.
Nickname: SCP 3010
Age: 450 years
Gender: male. (Vaguely)
Clearance level: 4 or O5
Rank: Euclid (bordering on keter)
Sexuality: n/a
Bio: SCP 3010 was discovered in [REDACTED] and has since been kept at site ⬛. SCP 3010 is to be fed up to 30 kg of meat via chute. (See incident 3010-15) it was brought here by a baited trap and has been monitored as it posseses a dangerous combination of superhuman strength,no self preservation, and a keen sense of intelligence... It has the ability to regenerate any limb or bodily damage by eating it's prey.

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Anyone wanna RP?

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Hello all scp staff, personal and agents. This is substitute o5 cousal member and high level resucher and agent blacklight.Today the science staff have invented something similar to the game portal's turents nailing them down perfectly. They will be deployed in case of a Euclid or keater breach. 

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Hears a safe scp for today for all staff and agents to read and enjoy.

Name: Agents Jerry
Nickname: Jerry the mouse
Age: 23
Work at site 25
Gender: male
SCP clearance: level 4
SCP rank: agents
Sexuality: strength
SCP I'm Specialise is safe
I lean that that I'm so dumb when it come to joke SCP
Bio: I'm be working here for about 3 month and people hate me when I come to joke SCP

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Name: Ninten
Number: SCP-7005
Class: Euclid
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Likes: Machines, Freedom,
Dislikes: SCP Foundation, Being hurt, Pigs.
Escapes: 3
Containment procedures: 7005 is to be kept in a room with a cot, a toilet, a sink and a music box. this music box should be kept wound up at all times. If said box runs out, 7005 becomes very agitated, and one random class D will be sent in to rewind the box. Once the box is rewound, 7005 will calm down and resume what he was doing before. If said class D attempts to converse with 7005 in any way, he will [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] until they are dead. Cleanup crews must be called if this happens, with proper cleaning supplies while one winds the box.
7005 must have its wings tied at all times, or else it will be able to escape through air duct 4.

Found on 27/10/2016, hiding in a cave near [SECTOR 2]
Known casualties: 1 Mobile task force, 2 Class-D personnel.
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