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Scp Foundation agents and staff profile template
Nickname (if agent or researcher)
Scp level clearance
Scp rank ( for agents and staff as well as researchers as well.)
How did you lean about the foundation (optional.)
Which scp's you specialise in (safe, Euclid or keater.)
Aprencitce( optional if you want to do that as well as a pic.)
Bio ( be as descriptive and as in depth as you can.)

Loudspeakers: attention all staff we detected massive multiple keter and euqlid contentment beaches from scp-049, scp-682, scp-106, and several instances of scp-008. I repeat to all staff get...." The audio cuts off and repeats."

(I made my oc Scp what do you think)

Item number: Scp 5008

Nickname: the man with a rage and broken body inside him

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Scp 5008 is to be in a 4x4 room with a bed, a seat, a desk and a water dispenser. Scp 5008 much not be allow leave containment at any time

Description: Scp 5008 is a humanoid male man with black hair, blue eyes, wearing black pant, a white shirt and a blue tie. Scp 5008 is look like a normal and a fine human on the outside but a X-ray show that his inside body is broken with some broken bone, his heart half gone and one of his lungs broken down. It is unknown how Scp 5008 is still alive and how this happen to him. Scp 5008 said he can't remember how this happen and also said it doesn't hurt him most of the time. Also even so Scp 5008 have a broken body inside him but he have been seen being a very good fighter with many people getting injure. Scp 5008 is know to be very little bit angry most of the time and can get into a rage when he get really angry. When Scp 5008 get into a rage he would try to break containment and escape. Scp 5008 would also try to enourage most of the other Scps to help him in his escape. Scp 5008 can almost survive from any sharp tools or sharp weapon due to his skin being very stronger than a normal human

History: Scp 5008 was discover in California in <redacted> visiting a hospital the doctors was sock seeing inside of Scp 5008 on a X-Ray and than Scp 5008 <redacted> and when the foundation lean about this they quickly taken Scp 5008 to site 19

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You was walking around the fiscaty after his wounds where healed but in a room he found a strange white rabbit eating something"
( It's scp 524)
Animated Photo

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A custom/original SCP:
SCP 4000
* Can communicate with 914 and can influence the output. Has successfully undone the transformations of Dr. Syka Brown's 'Super-Duper Bouncy Ball', Dr. Sanders's Very Fine transformation of 'it's a wonderful life', and Doctor Haiden's Very fine transformation of the single Tarot Card to 'A small business card with the words "Doctor Hadian will win the Lottery tonight" printed neatly on it.'.
* Has a Sonar system that can detect anomalous activities, events, objects, etc., within a 5 foot radius.
* Can enter other realities. Example: Once, he brought in Superman from the DC Comics reality to retrieve the 'Super-Duper Bouncy Ball' from the orbit of Mars (See Dr. Syka Brown's test of SCP-914). Another Instance of this is when he brought in what appeared to be a 25-year-old Mark Hamill that only answered to "Luke Skywalker,". This being was able to recount the complete history of Luke Skywalker's life up to the point of the destruction of the first Death Star and the subsequent ceremony.
* Is able to toggle himself completely immune to SCPs memetic, mental, physical, etc., effects of any SCP. (Note: Will adamantly refuse to resist the effects of SCP-1230 or succumb to the effects of 420-J, even under the penalty of death and the reward of a famous celebrity completely nude and willing to have coitous with him. Celebrity names that have been sucessful in convincing him to succumb to other SCPs : Alexa Vega, Taylor Dooley, Emma Watson, Bonnie Wright, AnnaSophia Robb, Natalie Portman and Jenna Coleman. It is to be inferred that SCP-4000 is a heterosexual or a bisexual.) This does not include injury or psychological trauma.
* SCP-4000 is extremely lazy, and will often expend more energy avoiding a task than it would take to complete said task. As stated above, sexual favors from the aforementioned celebrities is often used as a bribe to force him to achieve tasks. This has had mixed results. (Note: the successes are not because of SCP-4000's lack of intelligence; he is extremely intelligent. The bribes are successful due to SCP-4000's hankering for sex.)
* SCP-4000 has a extreme distaste for toddlers' television shows. By extension, SCP-4000 shows extreme irritation and hostility towards the show "Lazy Town". Julianna Rose Mauriello was brought into SCP-4000's Containment Area under the guise of meeting a fan. Within minutes of closing the door to his containment cell, SCP had inflicted several lacerations with his fingernails, contusions with his hands and feet, and bite marks to Ms. Mauriello's abdomen, shoulders, and face (one injury not exclusive to one part of her body) before SCP-4000 was restrained, shouting obscenities and the repeating phrase "How dare you judge my lifestyle! I'm a Gamer through-and-through, God-dammit!". Ms. Mauriello was treated for her wounds. SCP-4000 was given disciplinary chores. Prior to giving Ms. Mauriello an amnesiac, SCP-4000 asked to see Ms. Mauriello, who initially tried to flee. SCP-4000 gave a heartfelt apology and asked for her forgiveness. He explained he had Asperger's syndrome and that he felt the show she starred in for 2 years was attacking his lifestyle of being a gamer. At this point, SCP-4000 broke down in tears, (A rare occurrence, he did not cry at any point while watching "The Notebook", Marley and Me, or "Where the Red Fern Grows".) and told Ms. Mauriello that it was hard to be this way. Ms. Mauriello forgave him and was given a Class-A Amnesic, after-which she was reintroduced to SCP-4000 and they had a pleasant conversation. Phone numbers where exchanged and Ms. Mauriello was escorted off of Foundation property without further incident.
* SCP-4000 located at Site 12, which his parents & other close family members are to be misinformed that Site 12 is a mental hospital specializing in assisting people with severe anger-management-issues. It is to be noted that SCP-4000 has requested these services and O5 has approved of anger-management counseling for SCP-4000.

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Attention to all personail and +Rainbow Eye if any questions to scp 035 is need answered are now open

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Attention all personal anyone if not busy with other task are now allowed to speak with scp 343.

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Feel free to ask scp 343 any questions he is free to answer them as he wishes.

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This is my first SCP sooo.... lol, please don't hate. Give me some well-needed criticism if needed :P Here we go.

SCP Number: SCP-9285

Object Class: Euclid

Level Class: Level 1

Special Containment Procedures: Her tail must always be tied up for when an SCP agent is in her cell. Keep her arms tied so she cannot free herself.

Alias: Unknown

Gender: Female

Species: Lamia

Weight: 250 lbs (Most from her tail, but she has a little weight from her torso as well)

Personality: She is silent, not attempting to escape. It is unknown as to what she can do. For safety, do not interact with the specimen.

History: This... specimen... was found unconscious in the forest, her chest and tail having many small scars. It was unknown as to whom had attacked her, but nonetheless, it was a new specimen to examine in the SCP Containment Facility.

Thank you so much for accepting me! ^u^
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