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Name: Ryuko Matori

Reputation: +6

Personality: Evil

Crush: ? ? ?

Club: None

Strength: Strong

Additional information: ? ? ?

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Me: I'm rose niomi!
Wolf: Sup' I'm wolf woods.
Raven: Uh hi I'm.. U-uh Raven nightshade.
Me: We are a gang called the lovesick killers.
Wolf: Sees someone trying to break into her locker so she grabs her bat and hits them then crouches and does a high kick
Raven: W-Wolf!
Me: Welp Visit my profile for more info about me.
Idk the maker of ravens portrait but the other two were made by +Pixel Sheikah​​.
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Hoshi Was walking through the hallway kicking a soccer ball I accidentally kick the soccer ball at your legs and the ball hits your legs oops I'm sorry!

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Me in real life

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I'm new

Hello guys. I am Adriana or known as Snicker,i was the first person to own this group i gave my owner status away because i wasn't feeling so well for 8 months. So i am not trying to get my part back i am just proud to see how many people have joined my group this year. thank you all for joining, i appreciate that. :)

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Name: Mana Haruka
Personality: Social Butterfly
Club: Cooking
Crush: Sota Yuki
Strength: Incapable of Self-defense
Age: 18

Additional Information:

She is Kokona's Twin Sister She is The Youngest Sister. She Knows All of Haruka Kokona's Darkest Secrets.

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