I forgot this existed....

I'm leaving this community cuz its useless.

forgot this is existed


But now, IM happy tigerly is back.

We helped her.
Every support community did.
And she helped herself too, because she is strong.
Im so proud of all of you, and a little myself for standing up.

Hi, so I know this community and most of the people on it haven't been very active the past few weeks. To be completely honest, I kind of forgot about it, as I had gotten a new AJ and a new email, completely. I had gotten caught up in school, as well, since I myself had rumours being spread in my little friend circle.

Anyways, I want to continue this community, and try to get everyone who is currently in it to become active again, as well as gain some new members. Hopefully, this community will spread further from the older TigerlyPaws situation, since I'm pretty sure most of that is over now.

I want this community to extend into more of a bullying support group, where people can come and go to relate with others who might be in a similar situation with them.

Of course the community will still continue with Animal Jam topics, (mainly bullying on AJ, not really trading and things like that.) So if you could please invite anyone you can, from other communities of any kind, AJ, fandoms, idc, as long as it could help someone in those communities in any way.

P.s. I'll probably be choosing some more moderators once this community begins to grow again :)

-Catstachee :3

This guy called me something really mean
I tried to join his dress like a phantom party, but i didnt have any phantom stuff so i turned purple. But he locked me out and said a lot of things like the b word, s.h.i.t, and a wannabe. I am so sad.
His username is akafg.

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People these days think that I am gonna join their communities. 
I got invited in this Piece of c**p and I bet some of you did too.
Uh. Disgusting.

I am leaving this community for reasons I will not discuss

Just realized how bad the situation is with these haters!
We must do something!

Sorry for not being active!
Will be active

Hello Everyone!
I am sadly saying that I am going to be leaving this community. It was lots of fun, but I find that I don't post quite as much here anymore.
Make Sure To Keep Making This Community A Great Place, And Thank You So Much For Supporting Tigerly! It Means A Lot To Her And Me. ;)
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