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A Poem I Wrote - Hopefully you will like it!
Bright Light - Last Night
by - Susan Franklin

While sleeping very soundly last night
For a moment I felt a bright shining light
Wakening I faced my bedroom window & a male hand
A fine mist with a gesture pointing as if to say come here

Was all this a dream to me, I feel....
Has this spirit appeared to deliver a message of plea
Can I help figure out for him, why is he here!?
Or will I approach the window & then will he disappear?

My thoughts, my mind,& my body was quivering
For I didn't know why or what I was really thinking!
I then slowly turned down my bed covers
And approached the fogged window & wooden shutters

There appeared in the distance, the bright light again
Is this the same man, & will he come to me,be able to
Should I open the window, will I be taken on a beautiful
My chest....there was a pain....then appeared a
message on the window stained
I Love You Darling....I took one last more
needed to be explained....

With Love to All That Has Lost Someone Close To
Them & Is Still Trying To Figure Out Why???

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An Echo that I would Love to have is, I am there for you as you are there for me!
"Life is like an echo: if you don't like what it sends you, you have to change the message you send"

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The John Wisk Stories!!!

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Birds of a different feather!

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The Love Of My Life!

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We Will Keep Eachother Safe!
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