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Name: Princess Bonnibel "Bonnie" Bubblegum(yes I used her full name)
Age: 827(appears to be 18)
Bio: Princess Bubblegum is the princess of the candy kingdom and she is best friends with Marceline even though they don't get along sometimes
Species: Bubblegum humanoid
Personality: kind/loving to the candy people and Finn and Jake...But not so much to Marceline
Likes: Marceline, the candy people and Finn and Jake
Dislikes: the Earl of Lemongrab, the lich, and some other enemy's that I can't remember

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i need help

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Name: Marceline
Age: over 1,003 years old
Bio: A vampire who is being forced to become a vampire Queen by my father.
Personality: vampire, no soul
Likes: Killing, sucking souls, Princess Bubblegum

as I shiver in the winter snow i see someone. (Respond if u would like to continue and rp with me!💘

people are still here

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i was the new member of the crime organization as my mentor was showing me around you  came flying in we was prepared to fire but koko said wait she walk to you and pull you out and you....... +ceva undeva or anyone here  
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