Hello muja sex ki classes chahai plz help me

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Name: death the kid

Nickname: kid,son of death


Gender: male

Specie's: neko

Personality:he is a nice and careing person who likes to learn,read and have fun but when he's in the mood he is dominate and a little rough


Fetishes: loves dominant and will be rough

Likes:learning, playing games,dominate girls,and relaxing, being subducted

Dislikes: hearing ppl whine, not being organized, complaining,and being left out

Bio:son of death himself he likes things that are symmetrical and matching.... He found a mysterious bottle of a red liquid and drank and became a neko and his been for the rest of his life..... He can be mean at some times so don't get on his bad side

One Memorable Quote from Kyle: "Here we fuckin go again..."
Name: "I'm Kyle. Nice to meet you."
Nickname: "Haha, nope."
Age: "Meh. I'm about 18 or something like that. I dunno. Give or take a few years. XP"
Gender: "Male, obviously."
Personality: "I seem all sarcastic and mean and shit like that on the outside, but I'm not that fucking bad, I swear."
Kinks: "Nope!"
Fetishes: "Dominant and/or sexy/seductive girls. Preferably all of the above. X3"
Likes: "I like girls, a bit of booze every now and then, and blowing shit up. :3"
Dislikes: "Aaaand I hate just about everything else."
Bio: "I grew up on another planet and escaped here to Earth. That's the basics. Now, I'm here. And I wanna learn how to have sex... XD"

"Can I have Sex 101 as my main class please? X3"

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Name: Alfa X
Nickname: Alfa
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Likes: ???
Personality: Usually Excited when greeting with someone but rarely shy.
Dislikes: Dont have one
Bio: He was born in Scottland. After 6 years, his parents died in a coma. So he had to find a way to live by himself.

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Teacher Profile:

Name: Sean Collins

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Subject: To be decided

Personality: Out in the open, he is very intelligent, very friendly, with a decent sense of humor. Behind closed doors however, he's a sadist, he loves inflicting pain and domination on anyone unfortunate enough to provide him such an opportunity.

Kinks: BDSM, psychologically breaking people down, Humiliating another, general submission even in public can set him off.

Fetishes: Sadism, Domination, a partners submission.

Likes: Artwork, History, A good book, the warm months, a class of well behaved students. The occasional trouble maker he can toy with.

Dislikes: Winter, Anything resembling domination towards him, a class of rowdy students.

Bio: I started off teaching, I've wanted to my entire life. Oh sure a few teachers may know my "hobbies" but I consider myself rather reserved. I lived in a country before beginning work here.

Can I be a teacher? And furthermore, if so, what classes are open to teach?

Follow up if I may, can I be the detention person as well as teach a class?

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Zachary finally arrives the city through an red portal that came from the netherworld as he gets out of the portal he looks at his surroundings he figured he end up in an city,before he find himself an place to stay he decides to look around the city first

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Dislikes:being raped,public sex
Personality: Shy,happy,lonely
Bio:um hi I'm ria age 18 well um i guess I feel really lonely
(Open rp no need to ask)

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Name: Hydranium

Nickname: Hydra, (for lover: Hydie (If you want))

age: 14

gender: female

personality: Loyal, Kind, shy

fetishes: being petted

likes: friends, Protecting friends, strawberry cake

dislikes: people that hurt friends, yelling, death, torture

Bio: she was raised in the forest and had accidentally came across civilization when she was 5 years old not knowing what the place was she had come into the city without any clothes on due to her never owning any before, a girl came over to her that had seen her come out of the forest and the girl took her home and gave her food, water, and clothes.
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