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this virus was never seen she is the legend of the hell virus known every where she never is able to be found until immunity thrax and virus ozzy find her burning the lungs +foxy 3.0

Check here and everyones ded rip

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Guys bad news first. I'm getting torn apart the fandom again and this group will be dead for awhile. I'll answer your chat but I won't RP too often either. I'll try to answer your rps the best I can.

Here's a random picture of Ozzy and Drix

See ya!

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Name: Thrax
Gender: Male
Cell or virus: Virus
Good or evil: Good now
Family: None
Friends: Osmosis Jones, Leah, and Drix
Crush: None yet
Likes: Fighting
Dislikes: Getting caught
Hobbies: Fighting
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(Anyone want to roleplay this with me? As Ozzy? And I know it's past Christmas)
Is leaning toward Ozzy with my eyes close Come here baby!!

+The Dragon Guardian

RP here ^^

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I'm just gonna leave this picture i doodled, then hide from everyone here for the rest of my life.

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Have an Ozzy !

Dang nabbit- i joined this group and... never did anything on it. .......rp?
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