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Here is a short video of me on national tv telling the truth about safe crashworthy adhesive cure times.

In a national survey of how long freshly installed windshields were allowed to cure, I was the only one they could find that offered customers a cured adhesive installation.

I was featued as the auto glass technician promoting the specific OEM urethane your car was built with and crash tested with.

More importantly was that I was informing the customer of how long the adhesive had to cure to be crashworthy at roof crush standards.

I refuse to pretend that the crash test the Urethane passes in a couple of hours is an honest representation of safety.

Safety is best represented by the roof crush standard that restores the crashworthiness of the vehicle.

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Not only is a crack annoying, but it can be distracting and dangerous while on the road. 

Visit for more information on how GlassWerks can fix any chipped or cracked windshield.

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Fixing your windshield, recycling the windshield, saving the world.

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