How Does Your Garden Grow ?

  A christian life is like fertile field,
     that is purchased with a costly price by The Master,
     Who put the field under our stewardship while He is away.

      Now there are two kinds of seed,
      that will take root in the fertile soil.

      One is The Word of God,
      The other is the desires of the flesh.

      When The Word seed is nurtured,
      It will grow and produce spiritual fruit and abundant life.

      When the desires of the flesh seed is nurtured,
       It will grow to produce false satisfaction and death.

      So when The Master returns,
      Will He be pleased with what you have cultivated in His field ?
       Remember what you sow is what you will reap !

        Silent Songs : written by Stephen J. Vattimo
        Feb 24 , 1999

Divided Hearts

   We come to this place to unite through God's grace

   Yet we have set our selves far apart
    By the differences we have locked up in our hearts

   We come to seek God's face
   But His spirit  is not presence in this place
   Brotherly love seem to be scarce
   The spirit of judgment is flowing through the air

   How can  we seek God's face ?

   How can we worship Him
   when there is strife roaming in this place ?

   Come leave your differences at the door

   Practice the act of judgment no more

   Come let us  seek fellowship
   through our common ground

   Come let us unite through God's grace

   So we can seek God's face
   so we can worship God in this place  

   Silent Songs : written by Stephen J. Vattimo
  June 22,1992  

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The Lord's Prayer In The Last Days

Our Father Who art in Heaven,
 hallowed be your name.

For nothing eye have seen,or ears have heard ,
in heaven or on the earth,
can comprehend Your majesty.
Yet , through the cleaning blood of Christ,
 mere mortal men, have the privilege to call You their father.

Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in Heaven.

Buried in the sands of time ,
Prophet's predictions of the end times,
 have surfaced in the media Headlines.

As a decaying world silences The voice of God,
by stopping up their ears with self exaltation.
As they roll out a red carpet of tyranny,
 to prepare the world to welcome their  appointed world leader.
Who is the Evil one,
who masquerades as the leader of unity and peace.
Lord,fill every room of your servant's mind and heart with the presents of Your Word and Spirit,
that  the light of truth, will melt away the deception that is taken in through the eye and ears.

Lord, I pray your servants will baldly go through out the world proclaim  your gospel , as  loyal and stead fast knights,in service of the most High King. 
Going on as a advance party,to prepare the way,for the coming King.

Lord, when Your servants get weary of battle,remind us that  You have conquered the evil  armies in Heaven, in a short time, you will conquer the evil armies on Earth.

Give us this daily bread.

Lord,give your servants courage and strength,
to walk by faith,not by sight,
to walk in obedience to Your commands,
which is Your servants  impenetrable armor against the weapons of  the evil army.

Lord, remind you servant, to seek first Your kingdom,
and You will provide for all their needs.

 Lord ,I pray your servant will not be separated from from the safety of your army, by wondering off, to chase after the riches of this world,
that robbers will steal,
that rust will corrode,
that moths will eat.

Forgive us our debt a we also have forgiven our debtors.

Lord , remind your servants,to continually confess, and turn from their sinful ways.  
For sin is like rust,that will corrode a knights armor,if  it is not removed.
Making the servant 's defenses weak against the enemies attacks.

Lord, remind your servants not  to  masquerades as judges, or to sentence their debtor to imprisonment ,in the jail cell of being unforgiven of their transgressions .

Lord,open your servant's eyes,
to understanding, that judgmental and unforgiven hearts, are the bricks which the enemy uses to build fortresses to keep the proclaimers of Christ's gospel out.
  Less the bearers of truth will break down the enemies walls,
and the light of truth will melt the fog of deception,
and the enemies' captives will be set free.

And do not lead us into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

Lord,open your servant's eyes,
to understand,that God does not temp no one,
but He does permit the enemy to test  his knight's spiritual defenses,
 to reveal to them if they are weak or strong.

For temptations are like land mines,if a person walk around the mine, they are safe. 
If a person steps on the mine, then they will be wounded.
The lord will not allow His servant to come upon a mind field with out providing a safe pathway through it.

For  the servant of God has not sinned, because they have been temped by the enemy, to disobey God's commands.
But they sins when they give into the temptation.

For thine is the kingdom,and the power,and the glory ,forever.

Lord,remind your servants, in their darkest hour, 
in the heat of the battle  with the enemy,
that you are coming with a mighty army,of angels and saint.
You will conquer and destroy the army of darkness.

Lord ,remind Your servants, that You will make a new Heaven and a new Earth.
The kingdom of God will dwell with the Kingdom of men, for the wall of sin that separated the two will exist no more.
We will not need the sun or the moon to give the earth light ,
for the glory of God will fill the whole earth with His light.

All of God's faithful servants will ride white horses into the Holy
city of God as we celebrate the victory of God's army over the  Armies of darkness, as we celebrate the end of the war between good and evil.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo   June 27, 2010
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Struggling Artist,To Death Do Us Apart

God wakes me up to greet the morning,
I rebel, and roll over, and ask for ten more minutes.
My mind is souring with a thousand things to do,
before I can fly out the door.
To dogie paddle my way through a ocean of humanity,
to get  to work on time.
At work I slave away most of my life,
at a hectic mundane job, to maintain my life. 
I day dream,and I scheme,
about things I would like to create,paint and write.
To make this world a brighter, and more colorful place.
When I get done my job,
I feel like a dirty, tiered slob.
Like a hamster that just had a heart attack,
from spending all day running on his exercise wheel.
I kick off my work boot, like throwing off a pair of shackles,
I clean myself up.
Then I pray to God, for Him to jump start my battery,
to live my second life.
To create, write, and paint,
To make this world a more brighter, and more colorful place.
Written by Stephen J. Vattimo  July 19 2010

A Standing Ovation For The Chef

A man and His wife are sitting in a five star restaurant, trying to rekindle the flames of romance.   They just got done eating their dinner and now they are sipping on a glass of desert wine while the waiter is placing their deserts in front of them.
Out of no where the man tell his wife ,"" Honey, I really got to loose some weight!
"I need to go on a diet, and start doing exercises like buns Of Steel or Butt Busters."
His wife ask," What is going on with you ? "       " Out of no where you start talking about having a weight problem."     "  I have always thought   you were comfortable with your self!"
The man replies," Well Honey I just farted, and my butt cheeks  applauded the chef   who had prepared our meals this evening.  
Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
Feb 14, 2014

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