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We need employees, all who wish to apply must post your profile in the Employee Profile category, along with why you want that job

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+Brother Umbreon to the pool tubby!

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Forgot the picture. Embarrassing.

((I was thinking about bringing Rainbow here, too, just to make her a customer.))
Name: Rainbow
Full Name: Rainbow That Clouds Carry
Age: 19
Bio: She once lived in a river in the mountains, then fell off the waterfall and lost her family. Then, the Tribe cats saw her, and took her in. They were nice enough not to eat he due to the fact that she's a fish. The Tribe then named her Rainbow That Clouds Carry. She was raised in the Tribe, and entertained them with her beautiful voice and dancing. She used her water moves to help add a Splash of creativity. Soon, she grew up, and left the Tribe to find something to do with her new life as an adult Pokémon. Now she found this place, and wanted to take a vacation.

over the intercom
Hello, friends, it is nearly time for our morning show with breakfast,pancake and saugage with orange juice, please report to the concert area . Thank you.

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Should I invite Creet? (I'll make a profile..))
((Also, plz make Q&A section))
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Yeah, he's a cool guy!
Nah, didn't he bully you?
I'm staying neutral in this one/

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Species:Banette (shiny)
Bio:(pardon my french) I'm rich bitch!

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Name:Zachary Persephone Collens
Team : Rocket
Pokémon : Wailord,Gengar,Duskonoir,Charizard, Gengar, Ditto, Genetically unstable evee, Nidoking, Magnezone, and 3 pichus.
Bio:When Zachary was a young boy he lived in a beautiful town. A hidden city where Pokémon rare and common were free to roam. That all changed when his blood thirsty brother took up the throne and exiled him to the outside world. Zachary grew angry and threw his anger he achieved great power. If you got in his way he would destroy you and your family that's why every region has ghost who wail out for forgiveness finding the purest of souls to help them but every protagonist didn't know and couldn't help them. He found Gastly who wanted to come with him on his journey. An old man eventually taught him everything he knows from deduction to martial arts to flattery.When the old man died Zachary joined Rocket aware that it could be a chance to get even more power.In Rocket he was able to hone his ever growing skills and learned how to trick civilians into trusting him.

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Name: Silence
gender: Female
Pokemon Species: Umbreon (Shiny)
Occupation: housekeeping
(Let me know if I need to put anything else)
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