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Some tips to help you make the most of Google I/O. See most of you veryyyyy soon! 🎉
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Across the board, everything felt much better organized and less slapped together this year. There was a nice parallel between seeing Google’s progress with managing the event as there was in hearing about its progress on the topic of each session. 

does anyone know how can I signup for the free photo book? I probably missed the signup onsite when I collected the Google Home, they didn't say anything about that, just handed me the device...

Can anyone help me out with a link to the videos they played as filler in between the live sessions on the youtube streams? Specifically there was one about a web coding training site. 

Are the Google I/O Android Minis being sold out of the Google Merchandise Store? I thought about picking one up for the office on Friday morning but there was just a sign to make purchases at the Google Merchandise Store - and it's not available there either. A couple of people trying to hawk these $15 minis for $40-50 on eBay. Not happening. Hopefully Google makes them generally available, at least to attendees.

Can we carry on the plane our Google Home?

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Now that the big I/O keynote is over, are you satisfied with what Google announced?
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Google Lens

Google’s been tinkering with visual search and augmented reality for years. Now, it looks like the Mountain View dudes are replacing an old app called Google Goggles with a flashy new feature called Google Lens. Google Lens looks very similar to Google Goggles, but now, Google Assistant joins in on the fun. That essentially amounts to a smarter visual search engine.

Google Home hands-free calling

Google Home is getting a really cool feature, hands-free phone calls over wi-fi, in the coming months. (Have you noticed that Google loves this term “in the coming months?”) That means you might finally be able to ditch your house’s landline—if you’re one of those weird people who still has a landline.

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About computer vision

Hope everyone had a good I/O ☺️
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