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Save the date: Google I/O 2017 Drawing. Good luck everybody!

#google #io17
Save the Date: Google I/O 2017 Drawing

We’ll be accepting #io17 ticket applications on starting next week on Feb 22.

The deadline to apply is Feb 27, 5PM PST.

Add to Calendar:

Applicants will be selected at random once the drawing has closed, and results will be announced by email on February 28th - so keep an eye on your inbox.

We hope you can join us for the second year at Shoreline Amphitheatre!

Family ticket for the I/O ?

Does anyone know if it is possible to take a second person with you once you win the lottery?
Or is it very strict and we would need to have 2 tickets for the same family?

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I noticed something interesting when I tried to add the calendar event for I/O registration from the page.

Previous years you don't need to provide cc info when entering the lottery. Once selected you're given a few days up to a week to register.

Based on the pre-filled info below, it seems that the you will need to fill in your cc info (pre authorize) when entering the lottery, then it will be charged as soon as you're selected.

If this is the case, this might increase odds for serious prospect attendees. I think in the past many people just entered even they're unsure whether they can go or not.


Is it imperative to be single to join this site?

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Are you in or around Bali mid May?!
We'll be live-streaming the keynote at +Kumpul Coworking Space for the third year. It's a pyjama party style event since we're 16 hours ahead. But there will be lots of activities before and up to 1 AM when it usually starts.

To anyone that's in Bali after that, we're running our official extended event a couple of weeks after when our GDG people are back and available to attend.

Any coments on nz lottery

Just wanted to wish everyone good luck in the coming lottery. I'm not able to join this year so that's one less ballot to worry about.

For those lucky enough to attend, have fun and don't forget to always have water. Last year the sun was scorching.

hey everyone is there any scholarship to attend Google i/o in san francisco ??

What will be the SWAGs this year ;-)
#google #io17

I'm working on getting a Google I/O Extended event set up in my hometown of Youngstown, OH. anybody here know about how to get started?
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