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Hi everybody!

This week marks a serious milestone for our AMAZING Google I/O community. As all of you know, unfortunately, Google is shutting down Google+ 😢 I became a moderator of this community the day it has been launched back in May 2013. Initially, Google asked me to serve you all for just a couple of hours during the event itself, but it became so much more than that. In the past 5,5 years, we all shared so much information useful for both new and experienced Google I/O attendees and I'd like to THANK YOU all for being absolutely awesome contributors and simply wonderful community members overall! ❤️ In the next few months I'll take some time to back it up and transfer to our new community, so we don't need to start from 0. That's a good news! 👍

If you'd like to continue being a member of the global Google I/O community, please use the link below to join our Slack community. Hurry up! Not much time left till we'll start hearing rumors about possible Google I/O 2019 dates and other excited announcements 🙌

I hope you all enjoyed being part of this community, found it useful, so we all meet again on the new platform. Really looking forward to it!
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Enough is enough..I'm out.

I guess ever since Google announced it would sunset G+, everyone started throwing up their hands and just walk away, leaving spammers to have their ways. I will miss you G+.

Sorry but what the hell is happening here. Since the official Google+ shutdown message, this feed is full of spam and porn's totally absurd.

Seriously.. WTF is with all the spam?

I'm seeing a lot of spam porn being posted to Google I/O, in particular. Anyone at Google working on this today?

Hey guys,

I don't know if this is the right place to post this but my friend needs some help. My friend runs the GoogleIO2018 account on Twitter, and he has some trouble getting the GoogleIO2019 username because the user is suspended, and there is no way he can get it. I was wondering if there's someone who knows how to help him get the username.


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Hi everybody!
Thank you for sending your messages via direct messages. You've got so many ideas on how to keep this community alive while we're eagerly waiting for the Google I/O 2019 dates to be announced 👍

One of the suggestions I've got the most was improving your skills in the latest Google technologies such as Google Assistant, Firebase, Flutter, etc. So today I'd like to share 3 Medium articles worth adding to your reading list. Enjoy! 🙌

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