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Here is some stuff that may help establish your faction's political alignment and your character's alignment

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My name cheg

me? Mod?

Well then guess I'm a mod.

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Well... I am going to quit too... so yeah... and since I posted my community here... you can join it... I am the best owner! :P Well, anyways... farewell to you all, you all have been magnificent roleplayers!

All moderators are now owners, I'm bored of this comm. have fun, love you all.

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Quote: "Couldn't you take joke can you?"

"I gotta tell honest with yall..."

Miranda sigh as she look away while she cross her arms

"You can promise me but i cant take it..."

Name: Miranda aka old friend with Jacob

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Weapons: Guns (Dual) , Ak 47 (in advance style), Assault rifles (Advance Rifles), Bows (in advance style)

Status: good

Appearance: based from mass effect 3

Bio: mass effect 2 and 3: add of information: After that, she had been gone for while longer, she heard original sun jian death so she appear as obnoxious and alone. she smiles after her last word (Thank you for chip.) before she save it and put it on graves.

it been 3 -4 year after she learn that one of black man captured by empire of eyes. so she sneak in, and saw they using same thing that she saw when her father using on it. unless she begin to notice and knew other type of husk. But shs lost with word when she saw special husk.

right before she take evidence as door opened she disappeared by go vents and manage to enter the room, by time she arrive at area, she dont realize that she in area where area that next to jail. by time she walk past and find black man that sleep, she figure out and seen almost empty there was only 4 or less people so she take picture of it before he had chance to wakd up and she just disappear.

so after that she got out by take shuttle from empire of eyes and drives to bar...before she leave for good, she decide to gather something and writes notebook of evidence so she buy pen and notebook, before she back to where she belong to now...

her day is begin...

Affliction: N7 and good main characters

Height: 5'11
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Name: Earth X

Galaxy Type: soar planet

Size: it pretty same as earth but it pretty different within people and bit dangerous.

Star(s): i dont remember

Unique Stars: not sure it about thousand

how many planet: actually 9 or 8 (since pluto)

Unique Planets: i dont know

Moon(s): I think it had 1

Unique Moons: unknown

Space Station(s): it pretty far within years

Faction: N7

What kind they have inside system: of course they have black hole but it rarely for them to dies by explosion. Sometime it will be send to earth for reason. and of course there galaxies that can lead it out to other galaxies like next person lives to each other you know....

Features: They have old stuff that they havent use for long time since mass effect in previous time. it been while longer. They called replay masses.

Replay masses: when they using it they will teleport them to anywhere in galaxies. (it require speed at least 70- up mph) for medium and fast ship like Normandy ship....

How big/size: It pretty big as earth but bit way big.

beside this earth x is bit big than original earth.

(beside this my first time to do this)
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Name: Darkess of Empires

Galaxy Type: Blacks planet (with chaos inside it)

Size: as earth but in ruin styles as it seem evil planet

Star(s): 3

Unique Stars: First was size as roach when people see it in space it was bit big

Second was same as earth's

third: Unknown

how many planet: two. one was in where they lives with evil people. second was big one like they are under this. like government.

Unique Planets: hidden where boss and group at.

Moon(s): unknown

Unique Moons: unknown

Space Station(s): it half way where ships can filled with gas and food

Faction: eyes of empires

What kind they have inside system: i dont remember but it of course there evil replay masses since they make it last to send straight you know what i mean...

Replay masses x: once they using it it will be like arrow to heart. mean using it they will come in or out as fast as arrow.
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