It's nice to know I'm not the only one that realizes who's to blame in a great part for the nation's current condition.

The Me Generation is my parents and I can't even talk to them anymore without it turning into an argument. These selfish pricks are stealing their children and their children's children's future just so they can pile more crap in their oversized garage.

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Thank you to all our new friends for joining us, we will be sending our first press release next week and our new website will be up next week, we will keep you posted, once again thanks for joining us on this journey

In the global theatre of "High Strangeness" I'm an upper echelon enforcer of the many names of The One True god. And I'm a government tracked political activist with Occuppy Berkely & San Francisco. So let it be known; this Google+ Community is probably going to copied line by line to the enemy, since our goal here is TO MAKE WAVES! So let's make this an open forum for scathing remarks about any political injustce that affects, we the people. Please, I don't want to see any apologies in this community. Question; did you know that the minimum age for President of America is 35? That means their could be a 31 year old to start running for president right now.

We are of like mind good majii.

The next hurdle in real political representation isn't a female president, its a 35 year old president. America needs to recapture her daring. What say you?
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