Story Line event 3- DA Meeting part 1
Saturday the 24th has come upon them, which means time has come for the first DA meeting. Sign ups had been held a week ago and now that the time had come to finally meet, everyone is a bit nervous, especially Harry. Will DA meetings be brilliant or a bust, we shall find out soon enough. ((Sorry if this is worded a little awkwardly, I'm still trying to get back in the flow))

hey all i know its been a while but does anyone wanna rp again?

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We can do this! Go Harry Potter!!! 
IMPORTANT: OK, so we won the semifinals against Sherlock. We are in the finals of the Fandom Wars !! We are against Doctor Who.This is our chance to be the supreme fandom.
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Happy Voting!! WE MUST WIN.

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 Story Line Event 2- Halloween part 2
(sorry it took so long but here it is!)
Halloween is finally here and everyone is super excited for a great night to have fun and let loose, but the costume shop owner has other ideas... It starts off with you and your friends getting ready and changing into your costumes, so on your marks, get set, and GO!

Hoggy Warty Hoggy Warts
Part one: Pre-Hogwarts and the train ride

Learn a bit more about the Hogwarts gang lives. This takes place a while before Hogwarts. Everyone thinks the gang met up at Hogwarts but they were bumping into each other before Hogwarts. So learn some of the gangs childhood secrets, and things that may be important later on.

Does anyone want to be Draco? It's kind hard to be in love with yourself XD don't worry about if you already have a cannon character, Draco is kind of a small part.

The Show Downs Part One:

Harry, Winterjade, Gwen, and Ron were all in the Library chatting. The air wasn't as tense as it was when all things went to hell a few weeks ago. Now they were basically back to their old paces. Almost, some things had changed, some people have changed and it was concerning, but right now everyone was having a blast in the Library.

Continuation of The Day Of Pranks. Stella,Winter, and Harry have been scoring points all morning, the twins have as well. Heart marks are all over students and teachers, now in Umbridge class Stella and Winter have scored bonus points for pranking Umbridge.

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Comeon guys! We need more Hufflepuffs! They're awesome, I mean Siriusly (XDXDXD) read this
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This is the truth! :o :D +Stella C Blackheart Draco Married Astoria Greengrass or whatever her lastname is. xD
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