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"Gow "or "Pashu",i.e "Cow" has a great place in Hindu Culture for ages. We can see "gow-pooja," "gow-dhaan"&"gow-hatya"/" gow-vadh"in many of the Hindu Puranas.
There are several names of great cows in Indian Puranas that shine brightly,i.e, Kaamadhenu,Surabhi,Nandini,Suseela,Sourabhi,Hamsika,Subhadra,Dharmya,etc and these cows have great influence on the stories, events & persons.
Rishi Vasishta,King Rendhideva,King Kaarthaveeryarjuna,Lord Parashu Rama & Lord Sri Krishna were connected with such stories.

But ,the worship of cow as a deity was seriously taken by Lord Krishna onwards.. and so, he was called Pashupaala or Gowpaala.

Moreover, GOD was known to the old Dravidians,the original inhabitants of the land as,
" Pashupathi", before the Vedic people or the so called Aryan race or religion.
So,the importance of cow in Indian beliefs is undisputable.......

After the bloody Maha Bharatha War,Rishi Vedavyaasa told Pandava king Yudhishtira stories about former 16 great kings of the land.
One among them was the great King Rendhideva, who was very benevolent.He made large number of gowdhaans to many....he made great feasts daily,with cow meat dishes to many...most of the benificers were Brahmins!

And the river nearby to his kingdom was called 'Charma'nwati river(charma=skin)because of the massacred cows' skin& fat that floating-the modern Chambal river!

But,no Puranas has any evidence that he was cursed or punished by GOD in doing so-gowhatya -and no Brahmins were outcasted because of this cow meat eating!

Then who are the persons or institutions that make such a great controversy nowadays in the name of cow,really,really has some bloody political agenda, no doubt.

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What do you think?

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No more wars.....who wants it....
If there is a war btw the US & N Korea,or their allies,the great damage will be to the Asia-Pacific zone...Do any rulers want to destroy these lands& seas with them,atomic,or any kind of weapons must be doubt...whatever the cause is,because Wars have given the world destruction only....So all should stand against war...and avoid it...

the bastardity has been going on...

Someone knows something,
But most nothing!

War,the bloodiest deed man can do
to the world,and
Give disasters only !

Through arms...

Winning in a war is,

Losing of the age old universal love.

Only blood, tear,death,loot,
Rape and anarchy,the results.

War for race razes race,
War for religion rapes religion,
War for nation knocks nation....
All that lose are nature and beings...

Oh bloody war....!

What you have won for humanity,
from those yonder million years?


No not a bit!

Who are you and for what you dirty rascal...
The thoughts and deeds of bastards!


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I welcome all who want to make this entire humanity in a single culture!Crazy but yes!-JJS.
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